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Creating online courses by Mind Map: Creating online courses
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Creating online courses

learning outcomes

from existing f2f course?

student charecteristics


tech literacy

stand alone?

types of activities

forum discussions

Q & A, where student only sees other responses after posting theirs

Single discussion with only one thread

collaborative glossaries

feedback, to show completion of an off-line activity

mind maps (

written text content

audio file, eg patient story

video file

process animation

web walk, list of websites to explore


how does this address higher level learning?

mindmaps (this!)


learning objectives

storyboard content

storyboard activities

check against learning outcomes

check flow and workload, you don't want 30 discussions in the first week for example.

write supporting materials

write instructions for activity (David will normally create activities)

put content into moodle

check sequencing, labels etc

proof read, preferably by other person

make sure instructions for non standard activity types are available

teaching style



student active participant


student as passive responder

lecturer charecteristics

intention v actual performance

online comfort

online facilitation skills

modelling desired behaviours

New node

key thoughts

trade off in time to develop resources v time to deliver/mentor/supervise

effort v benefit



good design




encourage collaboration and synthesis of ideas


f2f, online or blended?, what aspects have to be f2f?