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Sectional M3P Maps : Remote Viewing by Mind Map: Sectional M3P Maps : Remote Viewing
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Sectional M3P Maps : Remote Viewing

Authors Lian SidorovTamra TempleMarty RosenblattPatrizio Tressoldi



Diagnostic Tools

Scientific Insight


Industrial Applications

Associative RV

Intent, Physiology, Information Processing

Data Framentation and Integration

Space-time and EM shielding Independence

Error Propagation


Error-correcting features

Space-time independence

Bonding and spontaneous/enhanced ESP

See Jahn, R. G. and Dunne, B. J. (2005). The PEAR Proposition. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 19(2), 195-245. p

Operator-specific filters

Role of belief/expectation

Target Characteristics

Precognitive Perception

Environmental Factors

Physiological correlates

Entrainment Lag Time


Physics Modeling

Data Analysis

Rank-order judging

Descriptor grids

Fuzzy-set approach

HRVG Traffic Analysis

Associative RV


Coordinate RV

Extended RV

HRVG Protocol

Associative RV

Library and Data Sources: Remote Viewing Studies

Other bibliographies by map author

Patrizio Tressoldi