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www. easyautocredit.com by Mind Map: www. easyautocredit.com

1. Web Based Marketing

1.1. Facebook

1.2. Twitter

1.3. Loyality Events

1.4. Print/radio/TV

1.5. Enthusiast Rallys

2. Customers

3. Lead Created

3.1. Cust name/Address/Car selection/ Email/ Phone/

3.2. 15 minute response: Include name and commitment to call.

3.3. information place in CRM Tool

3.4. Car is landed

3.5. Initial Phone Call is Made

3.5.1. Informative/Brief/No sales/ checking for level of relationship.

4. Sale Funnel Process

4.1. 1st day: Information Email - earn trust, here for information only. Establish the hard work it takes to buy a car. Advocate what is necessary: Budget/Down/Trade/ also offer competition tools: Edmond's/Consumer Report

4.1.1. Guide response for commiment High Commitment Position Test Drive / Meet before they face Sale Team. Med Commitment Position Websites / Value Reports / Brand Message. recommit to customer advocacy. Low Commitment Position Website, Etc