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www. by Mind Map: www.
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Web Based Marketing



Loyality Events


Enthusiast Rallys


Lead Created

Cust name/Address/Car selection/ Email/ Phone/

15 minute response: Include name and commitment to call.

information place in CRM Tool

Car is landed

Initial Phone Call is Made

Informative/Brief/No sales/ checking for level of relationship.

Sale Funnel Process

1st day: Information Email - earn trust, here for information only. Establish the hard work it takes to buy a car. Advocate what is necessary: Budget/Down/Trade/ also offer competition tools: Edmond's/Consumer Report

Guide response for commiment, High Commitment, Position Test Drive / Meet before they face Sale Team., Provide Online Tools: Credit Report/Trade Analysis/Down Payment figuring Tool/, Welcome customer into Dealership for test Drive. Position Close., Close to F&I, Deliver Car, Price Determined up Front. Competitive Promise., Four Square done Before they reach dealership., Med Commitment, Position Websites / Value Reports / Brand Message. recommit to customer advocacy., Begin 90 day process of Email/Call, Emails Should be content related: Value of car selected/Brand/Dealership., Check for Potential time frame., Move to High Commitment through relationship, Move to Dead/Sold/Broke in 90 days, Low Commitment, Position Website, Etc, Check for heat with special offerings