Inclusive Space Assignment

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Inclusive Space Assignment by Mind Map: Inclusive Space Assignment

1. There will be different times for students who wish to participate verses the community individuals

2. To make out community stronger buy having members introduce themselves and participate in activities

3. Games and activities to makes everyone feel confer-table, discussion groups, safe talk in terms of sharing our ups and downs if comfortable to do so.

4. Design a space that’s comfortable and home feeling

5. Be aware of the amount of space ad resources that we have

6. To learn about the residential school survivors, different stories concerning what the indigenous people went throigh

6.1. The group will be used to spread awareness that hatred is never the answer, and its important to accept people for who they are despite what makes up their DNA.

7. New Topic

8. Where will it be located at Resurrection?

8.1. The inclusive space will be built behind the school behind the tennis

9. How will it be accessible to all community members? What barriers might be present within the school, school-board, or community at large?

9.1. Food and drinks will be provided for those who wish to participate.

9.1.1. The space will have community volunteers supervising the area as well as the fence already around the tennis court, this space will be inclusive with resurrection but still a little bit separate from the school property. Resurrection is already located in a pretty populated environment to the community of all ages.

9.1.2. Students/minors who wish to participate in the inclusive space can be dropped off and picked up by a parent or guardian, and community members can arrive as they please.

10. How will the community space be used?

10.1. The community space will be used to learn about different cultures abroad, and participate in current religions.

11. What issues may this rise due to this being a catholic school board.

11.1. Some community members may feel uncomfortable attending the space because the school is catholic

11.1.1. The catholic churches were the ones to initiate the residential schools, there may not be a good relationship between the indigenous and the catholic. No trust The indigenous may hesitate because of the history and memories that may be coming back.

12. As the architects, what do you need to know about the school community before designing?

12.1. We need to do research to find a meaningful purpose to the building we want to create.

12.1.1. Calculate the cost its going to take to build the building and gather necessary equipment. There has to be windows, fire exits, smoke detectors, hear and Ac, ventilation. We need to learn more about the indigenous culture and colours.

13. Practice compassion and self-reflection as Indigenous communities mourn and remember. The r ecent discovery of human, also Educating y ourself a b out residential schools through the stories of s s urvivor's. Beyond the horrors of the Kamloops. Read (and re-read) the final report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The TRC's final report is a painful. Support Indigenous artists, business owners, journalists, and community organizers. If you want to support the. Donate to Indigenous organizations working.

14. How will The community space serve the Resurrection Community?

14.1. The community space will serve the school community because it will allow students to get out of their comfort zone to communicate with other individuals, as well as accepting everyones differences.

14.1.1. This inclusive space will enlighten the resurrection community more about the indigenous individuals and the experience that they’ve been through Continuing to teach the school community about the history of first nations

15. How could the larger KW community be served by this space ?

15.1. The larger KW can be served by this space because it is an inclusive space that values all it’s members, and allows them to thrive and engage actively with their community. Its a space where all races,genders,ethnic backgrounds and more will feel welcome.

15.1.1. This inclusive space will raise social awareness, and allows all cultures and religions to come together.

16. How does your community space welcome Indigenous Peoples? Non-Indigenous people? People who are new to Canada?

17. How will you honours the traditional lands where the community is located

17.1. A moment of silence for those who died

17.1.1. Books and posters spreading the awareness of indigenous people Get famous indigenous items and lay them out , so the community members can walk around and view the items as well as read the caption that come with it. Have indigenous guess speakers come in to elaborate on their experience

18. How can you include members of the community including different groups such as Elders, parents, teenagers, children, etc. in your planning and developing of designs?