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Quiz by Mind Map: Quiz

1. Why:

1.1. i get bored in the afternoon

1.2. my colleagues are not so fun

1.3. obtain some useful information an publish them

2. Chat HERE

2.1. just enter one item and you will have another one below

2.2. so did you get the main idea of this?

2.3. rephrase please :)

2.4. i am bored, in the afternoon there i should do something

2.5. so i want to interact with people

2.6. i want to get also some practical information and publish them

2.6.1. What do you mean by this?

2.6.2. Some practical info on what?

2.6.3. upload them on a site, etc.

2.6.4. like local media might be interested that there are x% of foreign people here, etc.

2.6.5. Publish them: who the practical info, the people?

2.6.6. So, practical info about and for foreign (specially english spoken) people in Ausburg? for me the fun is doing this and interacting with people that is some simple thing, as i am foreign also

2.6.7. those are some ideas from last night, when i had this crazy thought

2.7. Where is Ausburg?

2.7.1. Germany, south

2.8. What are you doing there?

2.8.1. training

2.9. i will leave these chats, of course only regarding the quiz

2.10. so, want to help?


2.11.1. shoot

2.11.2. ideas is really the kind of info you want to gather, right?

2.11.3. mostly

2.12. i am thinking to have some a combination of a case study with a competition

2.13. SO: you want to gather some people and then make the quiz competition?

2.14. it can be done by having the competition subject and as i go on the streets and find interesting people for the case study, to tell them about the competition

2.14.1. Yeah, I was thinking that also :)

3. Constraints

3.1. Availability

3.1.1. Mornings busy working

3.1.2. Afternoons busy bored :D true :D

3.1.3. Only one week left 2-3 days planning, 2-3 days implementing

3.2. Trust

3.2.1. people don't usually trust strangers they meet once

4. criteria

4.1. quite easy to be done

4.2. no money involved (let's say 5 euros max)

4.3. has to involve more people, english speakers

4.4. must have some fun part :)

4.5. must obtain some info to be published

5. How

5.1. FIRST: Design activity

5.2. SECOND: find the people

5.3. THIRD: convince them to join

6. ideas

6.1. Dismissed

6.1.1. Search online social networks to find the people you do that, i like alive things Is this brainstorming or what ;D :p just nothing online :)

6.2. Got further

6.2.1. social night life of young people in Augsburg english speakers in Augsburg foreign people in Augsburg some competition combined with urbanistic, pictures competition best poem best smile, boy and girl (although it is strange for me to get boys smiles)

6.2.2. urbanistic clocks in Augsburg, with pictures strange things in this small german town

7. Implementation

7.1. What

7.2. How

7.2.1. Paper quiz to fill out You ask questions and fill in the form yourself You hand them the form and they fill it out

8. Quiz & competition

8.1. quiz

8.1.1. % foreigners in town and nationalities

8.1.2. % English speakers

8.1.3. what young people do at night in Augsburg

8.2. Competition

8.2.1. photo contest

8.2.2. ..