To Kill a Mockingbird Group 1 - Period 1

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To Kill a Mockingbird Group 1 - Period 1 by Mind Map: To Kill a Mockingbird          Group 1 - Period 1

1. chiffarobe

1.1. She then asked him to stand on a chair and get a box down from the chifforobe.

2. entailments

2.1. deduction;something that is inferred

2.2. The entailment of not paying billed has led to Jamie's debt.

3. apoplectic

3.1. overcome with anger; extremely indignant

3.2. I was late for work so I was apoplectic to my boss.

4. unmitigated

4.1. Absolute; unqualified

5. prerogative

5.1. 1.A right or privilege exclusive to a particular individual or class.

6. temerity

6.1. excessive confidence or boldness

7. perpetual

7.1. Never ending or changing

7.2. The family's busy live's are perpetual.

8. corroborative

8.1. The FBI corroborated their decision on the case.

8.2. To strengthen or support with evidence

9. iota

9.1. an extremely small amount