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International Real Estate World Summit by Mind Map: International Real Estate World
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International Real Estate World Summit

Zola Zserences - Introduction to International Real Estate

Increase your brain power by starting to laugh


Visited 55 countries

If you can dream it you can do it. - Walt Disney

Quality of life depends on the questions you regularly ask yourself

Say affirmations when you wake up in the morning

Earned CIPS Designation in 2004

We will survive the economic crisis

How we get the truth out about the media

Largest free economy of the world approximately 40% of total financial market.

US has the largest amount of gold reserves

Largest exporter of food

US is the largest landlord in the world

US Destination of choice

Florida Housing Stats

Consumer sentiment up 83.1% (Oct 2012) from 78.3 (Sep 2012)

Single family median sales price up 5.8% to $147,000

$13.2$ to $102,000 for attached properties

Months of inventory decreased 40.7 for SF and 39.5% for townhouses

International Real Estate market

NAR estimates 82.5 billion, Resident foreigners - Visa and green card, non resident foreigners - people coming with tourist visas

Florida accounted to largest share of 26% of total sales (CA, TX, AZ)

75,000 americans living in Costa Rica

Medical tourism - surgery and health care in other countries because it's cheaper

82% of transactions are cash

Median price higher, good value and exchange

Language, The US has no official language, Canada has English and French, 20% of American speak non English at home

40% of US population growth has been by foreign born Americans since 1990

5% of US workforce is employed by foreign companies

US Housing Market, Property purchased type, Condo/apartment 45%, Detached single family 36%, Location preferences, International client's view of florida real estate pricess, Most think less expensive than their home country 80 - 84%, Intended use of property, 34% for Vacation home, family and friends, 26% Rental property for investment, 19% both, 5% retirement home, 11 countries accounted for 76 of purchases, 31% Canada, 9% Brazil, 7% Venezuela, International purchasers from regions of the world, 31% Canada, 35% Latin America/Carribean

What they say?, US Immigration and visa policies, Bank financing, Cost of home ownership: taxes condo fees, maintenance, HOA, Attitude, political situation in EU

Northwest Florida, Target aviation, aerospace, defense and security, health science, Industrial Makeup

Scott Beaulier - Investment Challenges and Risks in Global Economy

Troy University Center (Alabama)

Engages free enterprise thinking for students


Start with a caveat - no real crystal ball, Economists cannot project

Current Global Economic Conditions

Debt crisis in Europe seems to be spreading

Japan's debt crisis is making headlines

China's real estate market is cooling

US Policymakers are in denial about the fiscal cliff

Significant monetary expansion is guaranteed

Geographic, Europe, Eurzone cannot work, Hope EU will print money to bail out each of the countries who have borrowed money, Greek interest rate on a 10 year is rate 17% (high risk), Greece, Portugal and Hungary are jun: Spain one notch above junk, Separate fiscal policies with one common monetary policy will not work, Greece will still leave the eurozone and other countries will most likely do the same, Countries will leave Eurozone and not tell anyone, Japan, Japan public debt is GDP is 226%, Historically it has been funded by high rates of savings in Japan, Saving rates are falling fast, and they will need to cover debts in international credit market, Government debt as a share of GDP, Japan has the biggest 226, China, Real growth rates are slowing, Real estate bubble is bursting and resulted in ghost towns, Sales have fallen in 60% in major cities, US Mess, National debt exceeds $16 trillion (4th) four consecutive years of $1 trillion deficits, Slow economic growth and stubbornly high employment, Overspending and over-regulation have led to a slow economic recovery and slip in American's status as a free enterprise nation

US Predictions

Housing price recovery isn't going to happen for another 5 years

GDP recovery will continue to be slow and below trend

Unemployment rates will remain high

Inflationary risks and policy uncertainty risk are huge wildcards going forward

Botom Line for Global Investors

Stagnant world growth can be expected in the short term

Uncertainties about Europe, Asia adn US will be a persistent drag on investment and returns

Longer term outlook for growth hinges on long term policies that maintain balance and sound policy instead of short term benefits

Karen Caco - Immigration Law and Visas

Disclaimer - not giving legal advice

Why have working knowledge of immigration?

Client might only have a limited time in the US

Foreign born citizens spend 82.5 million in last year

It is really hard to get a visa even though you own a house

Administrative processing means "I don't know"

There is no rule if you buy a house you do not get a visa

Create a network of of professionals

Immigration lawyer

Corporate lawyer

Real estate lawyer

Tax and Estate lawyer

Title company

Mortgage broker

Visa types

ESTA (visa waiver) 90 days

Visitor Visa (B1/B2) 6 months, Different than 182 days. that is an IRS rule, B1 is a visitor for business, B2 is a visitor for tourism

Work visa up to 5 years, 3 year, 5 year, 7 year

Canadians do not need a visa

There is no retiree visa

Non Immigrant visa options


H = specialized knowledge

E = investor visa

L = intra company

O = outstanding person


H1 Visa

E 2 Visa

Apply at US consulate abroad

Issued for up to 5 years (I94 issued for 2 years)

can renew indefinitely for business

Includes spouse and children under 21 (spouse eligible for EAD


L1 Visa

Similar to E2 visa (buy or start a business)

Granted for one year

Must have ongoing business abroad

O Visa = outstanding persons

Used for those considered outstanding in business, arts, entertainment, science, and education

3 year education

Includes spouse and children under 21

Great alternative to H1B cap issue

TN Visa = Only Canadian & Mexian citizens under NAFTA

Immigration Visas = IVs (Green cards)

FB = family based

EB = employment based


EB5 Green Card (2 types)

Traditional, 1 million investment, Suitable for entrepreneur, Requires active running of business, Must create 10 full time jobs (no family members)

Regional Center, $500,000 + admin fees, totally passive investment, investor no responsible for operations, Don't have to live in same state as regional center, What is it?, Specific geographic area you define, small as county city or across multiple states, May be publicly or privately owned

Who are the EB5 investors?, Primary motivation is permanent green card, secondary motivation is rate of return, Concerns?, Financial risk, Immigration risk, Project preapproval, Job creation methodology, Project solvency/insufficient investors, Exit strategy

Developers of Regional Centers, Vetting project, Forming own RC

EB5 application process (3 steps), I-526 immigrant petition by Alien Entrepreneur ($1,500), Adjustment of status or immigrant Visa (Consular processing )($1,070/person), I-829 Petition by entrepreneur to remove conditions ($3,750 + biometrics ($85) + $85 each dependent

What if foreign national has business broad that will keep operating?

L1 possibility

You don't have to have same business in both countries

Tarek Kirschen - Going Global with Glozal


Network in over 100+ countries

Ranked #1 on Google, Bing, Yahoo & AOL


List and promote properties, Add pictures, Add YouTube videos

Search the entire MLS

Create or join groups

Announce your open houses

Video chat

Mobile text marketing, Type 71441 as the number with word porsche and hit send, Receive a text message response with a link to the property

Invite friends to social media sites

Glozal email

Google's privacy policy

No opt-out once you give consent to their terms and conditions

Your data is shared across all applications

Gmail, Calendar and all other applications have information about you

Shi Gouzhen - The Chinese Investor is on the Move


China Construction News started in 1987 by the Ministry of Construction of China

Only comprehensive Chinese newspaper for real estate

Real Estate section


Chinese housing sector is $700 billion a 15.6% growth over the last year, $480 billion about 69% of total real estate investment

Investment market

Encouraging foreign investment in market even though market is slowing down

China policies on Foreign Investment in real estate


Standardization of approval process

Requirements for foreign fund gaining access to chinese market

gett approval from local government

filing with the ministry of commerce for approval

Create a project company to make the investment

Obtain the certificate of land usage right

Opportunities and expectations

Usage of foreign market increased 12.4%

overall FDI is about $59 billion, down by 3% at the same period

Vacancy rate is 5.2%

market is slowing down and providing opportunity for foreign investment

Overseas companies companies usually work with local companies

Reasons why US market is attractive to Chinese

Advanced management and mature market

Better game rules and good faith

Open, transparent and fair legal system

Large high end consumer group

Flexible loan markets

Good education systems

Beijing Contemporary Group is looking for opportunities

How to attract Chinese investors

The Chinese are interested in global influence

They are looking for a good profit at a low cost

Marketing your projects to potential investors through Chinese local media

Bill Clover - International Business 101

Financing tools

Guarantee finance

Created a CondoTel model, Take a normal hotel room but sell as a condo but sell the guarantee

Why get involved?

Blend of cultures


One world concept

Americans are welcome all over the world because of their business ethics

reasons to buy outside the US

Live for 40% of what you can get in the US

How to get started

Talk to people who have already been there

Settle down on what segment of the business you want to do (retail vs wholesale)

Find the best product

Check out the developers carefully eye to eye

Find a way to promote a product


There are products out there you should avoid

SIP program is illegal

Panorama World Marketing

on-site marketing program

off-site sales, network of hand selected brokers

Promotion, internet work, Printed materials