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sustainable learning by Mind Map: sustainable learning
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sustainable learning

Bloom's Taxonomy of learning objectives

High quality "building blocks" to build tools and content

Copyright license for use of high quality graphics in the learning environment

An environment that facilitates content generation

modular instructional design?

People that want to learn




learner characteristics

A Variation of Materials and methods that facilitate learning


Support in

Finding out what the next appropriate challenge could be

Learning about other peoples experiences learning the same subject/skill

Ask Wiki

Personal Learning environment

Virtual Learning environment


What it means in practice - result

Wat it means in practice - process

Strategic Outcome

Define Ideal Learning


industry report re: LMS/ eLearning tools

Key stakeholder input


building relationships

identifying and addressing their needs

to provide resources

champion cause to feed motivation

How do we measure success ?

A variation of Tools & Methods that help you test if you learned something