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Values Questions by Mind Map: Values Questions
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Values Questions


What do you like about your life?

What have been your greatest personal challenges?

What words describe the qualities of your family?

How do you know when you are on purpose?

What do you feel is most important in life? Why?

If you could do anything...


Do you like quiet reflective time? Why or why not?

When in your life were you most proud of yourself? Why?

What is your most favorite childhood memory?

Making Choices

Other People

What are the qualities you admire in others? Why?

What bugs you most about people? Why?

How do you want to be remembered?

What do others say about you?

Who would you like to meet?


What topic(s) most interest you?

How do you feel about learning vs. doing?

How do you learn best?


What do you love to do?

How would you describe your character to an employer?

What's most important to you when making hard decisions?

When you think of your life, of what are you most proud?

What is one thing you are currently changing about yourself?


What do you do just to get away from things?

What hobbies do you have?

What was a hobby you used to do?

What is your most memorable vacation?

What have you always wanted to do but never have?