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My First Mind Map by Mind Map: My First Mind Map

1. Australian cultures

1.1. Check out

2. Austrialian political system

3. The role of parliament

3.1. The power of legislative

3.2. bicameral parliaments

3.3. The lower house of parliament form the goverment

4. videos for parliaments in Australia

4.1. the creater's profile

4.2. The constiutional powers for parliament

4.2.1. Referendum

4.2.2. Statute law

4.2.3. Check goverment's actions

4.2.4. Form goverment in lower house

4.2.5. Balance the powers of instituions

4.3. The prime minister

4.4. Others

4.4.1. Online Help

4.4.2. Goverment Personal Todo List Vacation Planning Meeting Minutes Project Plan more...

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