iPad Training for Teachers in a Middle School

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iPad Training for Teachers in a Middle School by Mind Map: iPad Training for Teachers in a Middle School

1. Learning Topics and Objectives

1.1. Solution creates opportunity to collaborate, learn, and competition to actually win an iPad

1.2. Assessment will be continuous through observations and collaboration. The final assessment will be in the lesson plans that come back from each of the 50 teachers.

1.3. Assessment will consist of engagement of students. At least one Common Core Standards should be addressed in each lesson.

1.4. Rubric

2. Environmental Context/Learning Conditions

2.1. Teachers who are without an iPad will work out a schedule to share with someone who has one until one can be provided full time.

2.2. Teachers will be prepared ahead of schedule.

2.3. The tech staff has time to test and evaluate the wifi while the teachers are using it, preparing for when students and teachers will both be using it.

3. Students/Trainees/Audience

3.1. Teachers are trained earlier than expected which gives them time to work on iPad lesson plans during the rest of the school year and be ready for the 2013 school year.

3.2. Teachers have support to assist them after the training.

3.3. Tech staff is being interview to prepare for the upcoming staffing needs.

4. Educational Challenge - http://venture-lab.org/education/reports/11075

4.1. Independent Middle School in Seattle, WA

4.2. Train 50 teachers to use an iPad effectively (basic use and pedagogy) in the classroom

4.3. School is moving to a 1:1 initiative by the 2013 school year

4.4. Teaching experience ranges from 1 year to 30 years

4.5. iPad experience ranges from none to expert

4.6. Not all teachers have access to iPads

4.7. Infrastructure is not yet in place for students and teachers to utilize all at once

4.8. School does have an iPad Lab

5. Proposed Solution

5.1. 1/2 day professional development (PD) training facilitated by staff, administration, and librarians on the basics and pedagogy of the iPad

5.1.1. Teachers will be expected to return to the next professional development day with 5 apps they found and lesson plans for each. They will be expected to teach at least one of the lessons for a group in the training. The top lesson plan (most engaging) voted on my staff will receive a free iPad Mini (grant to pay this).

5.2. Teachers will work in groups of four for the remaining time left in the PD training to brainstorm ideas of how to utilize the iPads in the classroom and various apps. In addition, they will practice distributing apps to others in the room. Groups will present 1-2 important ideas from the brainstorming session.

5.3. The teachers must have use of an iPad in order to feel comfortable using it. Therefore, if iPad are not available for all teacher then a buddy system must be set up for sharing iPads. Teachers should set up an acceptable schedule for each person to take home and use in the classroom.

5.4. Pair up teachers with zero experience with expert teachers. Teachers should meet once a week to review how the device was used, ideas, appropriate apps, etc...

5.5. Principal or administrative staff should check in with teachers every other week to see if the teacher has questions, comments, or concerns.

5.6. Start interviewing for the addition tech support staff needed (a minimum of three).

5.7. The tech staff has several months of testing as the teachers are using their iPad to ensure the infrastructure will be sufficient for teachers and students on at the same time.