Beliefs about teaching

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Beliefs about teaching by Mind Map: Beliefs about teaching

1. Behavioral Analysis

1.1. Understanding why individuals take specific action

1.2. Helping students to maintain positive interactions

2. Student Centered Learning

2.1. Allowing students to take an active role in learning and outcomes

2.2. Exploration

3. Consistency

3.1. Making sure that my students know what to expect for their day

4. Creative and Fun Learning Enviornment

5. Teaching the whole Child

5.1. paying attention to the development of all domains

6. Collaboration

6.1. Collaboration with the students whole team, parents, therapists, outside services, and the student themselves

6.2. Collaboration with other teachers to effectively plan for students

7. Lifelong Learning

7.1. Teachers should continue to learn more about their profession and current research

7.2. Fostering a love for learning for our students

8. Cultural Competency

8.1. Respecting and Encouraging the students to grow within themselves and respecting the experiences and culture that they bring to the classroom

9. Classroom Community

9.1. Building a safe and open classroom community for our students.

10. New node