My Media Consumption

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My Media Consumption by Mind Map: My Media Consumption

1. American Dad

1.1. Primary Audiances

1.1.1. Teenagers and older would most likely watch this programme because of some of the content not being suitable to young children.

1.2. Secondary Audiances

1.2.1. People who watch family guy might watch this due to they both have the same creator, parents may be a secondary audience because of there teenage children watching it.

1.3. Age 15+

1.4. me/my age group is the target audience for this television programme

2. Television

2.1. Match of the day

2.1.1. Primary Audiance People who enjoy watching football and would like to catch up on the games that has played. Mainly adults because its on at a late time;

2.1.2. Secondary Audiance Friends/Family with people who like watching match of the day, or even girlfriends or wives.

2.2. Family guy

2.2.1. People who have an adult sense of humour; Age 15+

2.2.2. Primary Audiances Teenagers and older would most likely to watch this.

2.2.3. Secondary Audiances Friends/Relatives who watch family guy

2.2.4. me/my age group is the target audience for this television programme

3. Primary Audiance

3.1. People who like going raving

4. Via

4.1. youtube

4.2. Tv

4.3. Radio

5. Music

5.1. House Music

5.1.1. Secondary Audiance Friends of ravers

5.2. Dubstep

5.2.1. Primary Audiance Ravers and people who like loud repetitive music

5.2.2. Secondary Audiance Friends or relatives of people who like this type of music.

5.3. OldStyle rap

5.3.1. Primary Audiance Teenagers that are into rap but not the mainstreme rap you tend to hear in the 20th century.

5.3.2. Secondary Audiance Friends/family members of people who like old school rap.

5.3.3. 15/16+

5.4. Grime

5.4.1. Primary Audiance Sometimes ravers, people who like loud quick music and fast rapping

5.4.2. Secondary Audiance Maybe if they are listening to grime on the television the radio.