Number Theory

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Number Theory by Mind Map: Number Theory

1. The Greatest common factor is a factor or factors that two or more composite numbers share.

2. Factor

2.1. 2 is a factor of 6

2.2. All numbers can be broken down into prime numbers by division.-Elliot Rhys Hans

2.3. Factors are numbers that become a product. 3X4=12. 3 and 4 are the factors

3. Multiple

3.1. All numbers are multiples of prime numbers. -Elliot Rhys Hans

4. Divisible

4.1. Prime numbers are divisible by only 1 and themselves.

4.2. a number is divisible when it can be divided with no remainder.

5. Prime

5.1. 2 is prime!

5.2. Prime numbers are all odd except for 2.

5.3. Prime numbers are numbers that are only divisible by 1 and it self

6. Composite

6.1. Composite numbers are divisible by other numbers beside 1 and themselves.

6.2. All composite numbers can divided by more numbers, than just 1 and the same number.

7. Number Constructions:Observations

7.1. In between all prime numbers there is an odd amount to and from numbers

8. Factorization

8.1. we created the prime factorization for the numbers.

9. Greatest Common Factor (GCF)

10. Least Common Multiple