Retrospective Plan

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Retrospective Plan by Mind Map: Retrospective Plan

1. Structure

1.1. Context surrounding retro

1.2. Goal of retro

1.2.1. <goal>

1.3. How long?

1.3.1. <length>

1.4. Where?

1.4.1. <location>

2. 1. Set the Stage (3 min)

2.1. Short activity

2.1.1. One or two words that describe what is going on for you as we start this session?

2.2. Long activity

2.2.1. Retrospective working agreement

3. 2. Gather Data (20 min)

3.1. Short activity:

3.1.1. Mad/Sad/Glad

3.2. Long activity:

3.2.1. Stickies of significant events Fill in a timeline to create a fuller picture of this iteration. We want to see it from different perspectives. Think back over iteration, remember all memorable, personally meaningful, or significant events -- 10 min

3.3. Review improvement action items decided in last sprint retro

4. 3. Generate Insights (15 min)

4.1. Short activity:

4.1.1. Patterns and Shifts Now that we've created a picture of our iteration, let's see what patterns and information we can find in our data. What do you notice about data? How do patterns contribute to our current issues? What do these shifts tell us about our current issues? Where do you see connections? Where do you see a pattern? What would you name that pattern? Where do shifts occur? What would you name the shifts?

4.2. Long activity:

4.2.1. 5 Why's

5. 4. Decide What to Do (10 min)

5.1. Short activity:

5.2. Long activity:

5.2.1. SMART goals

6. 5. Close Retrospective (6 min)

6.1. Short activity:

6.1.1. Appreciations

6.2. Long activity:

6.2.1. +/Delta