Emerging Technologies 2009

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Emerging Technologies 2009 by Mind Map: Emerging Technologies 2009

1. Adult Education

1.1. Mobiles Ruben Palazuelos

1.1.1. mLearning

1.1.2. Applications SpaceTime 3.0 TinEye Shazam Cisco WebEx Qik Watermelon Express

1.1.3. Mobile U iTunes U Abilene Christian University Azusa Pacific University Walden University Seton Hall University

1.1.4. Mobile Corp. Training Just-in-Time-Training

1.1.5. Organizations Ambient Insight Research Tribal

1.2. Cloud Computing Michael Wagenheim John Walsh

1.2.1. PaaS GoogleWebToolkit Heroku Force.com Mendix Rollbase Wavemaker Azure

1.2.2. IaaS Amazon EC2 GoGrid SunGrid RightScale Flexiscale Mosso

1.2.3. Saas Google Apps TripIt 3Tera Banking Mindmeister Facebook Delicious.com

1.3. Geo-Everything - Becky Oliver and Beth Leeder

1.3.1. Location Aware Devices (LAD) GPS Mobiles iPhone T-Mobile G1 Nokia N95 Blackberry Bold 9000 LG Chocolate, Dare, Glance Cameras Location Aware Software for Computers FireFox Geode Google Toolbar Beta

1.3.2. "Geo" related terminology

1.3.3. Resources GeoEverything Video Google Maps Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc.® How To Geo Mashups Tag Photos with GPS Location Data Google Lat/Long Blog Seven Things You Should Know About Geolocation Seven Things You Should Know About Google Earth Seven Things You Should Know About Location Aware Applications Google's Geo Education Homepage

1.3.4. Examples in Education Duke University Penn State MIT

1.4. The Personal Web - Dwight Farris

1.4.1. Facebook Questions & Answers Education Survey Join the group: USING FACEBOOK IN EDUCATION! Is FACEBOOK a value Education is a Right! Open Education

1.4.2. Twitter NECC09 Conference - from Chris Johnson NECC speaker-ISTE CEO Don Kenezk Some fantastic reading to pass on to your administrators AzScubaChrisZonies headed out in third wave!!! nodew node AzScubaChrisHaving seen this in books, fantastic to see in real life. Twitter Tweets for H ED Pros & Cons Twitter for Academia Questions & Answers

1.4.3. YouTube How to Use YouTube in the Classroom Questions & Answers YouTube EDU Is Education Ready For YouTube? MJ & Education? The Value of E-Learning with YouTube: Video Sharing for Education On Campus University of MN BYU Old Dominion University of AZ UCLA

1.4.4. Flickr Questions & Answers Students' thoughts Social Library Creative Educational Ideas Spelling Reading Math Art History

1.4.5. EduBlogs Questions & Answers Blogging for teachers and students, made easy More info Wiki definition Notable EduBloggers Stephen Downes Michael Feldstein Will Richardson James N. Farmer Mobile Blogging A Teacher's perspective On Twitter

1.5. Semantic Aware Applications-Travis Cornegay

1.5.1. Hakia

1.5.2. Powerset

1.5.3. Semantifind

1.5.4. Opencalais

1.5.5. Zemanta

1.5.6. Tripit

1.5.7. Twine

1.5.8. True Knowledge

1.6. Smart Objects - Connie Hackathorn

1.6.1. RFID tags Not so futuristic now, could present legal/ethical issues....

1.6.2. QR Codes Holds promise....

1.6.3. Smart Cards We use these now,...but for more

1.7. Mobiles - Darrick Buban

1.7.1. Application Stores Apple iPhone Google Android

1.7.2. Mobile Marketing TinEye Mobile SnapTell

1.7.3. Examples of Mobiles BlackBerry iPhone Palm

1.7.4. Mobiles in the News Pew Report iStanford Abilene Chistian University Mobile Learning The Wall Street Journal Future Mobile Capabilities

1.7.5. Application Examples Calculations/Graphing Medicine

1.8. Smart Objects - Scott Vasey

2. K-12 Education

2.1. Online Communication Tools

2.2. Mobiles - Nate Espinoza/Kendra Citron

2.2.1. MP3 Players

2.2.2. Cell Phones/PDAs Apple iPhone T-Mobile G1 Android Palm

2.2.3. iPods

2.2.4. Resources ICDL Educate iTunes Becta Pockets of Potential

2.2.5. Mobiles in the Media Nike + Apple Experiment

2.2.6. Blogs Learning with e's Open Education EduTech

2.2.7. Classroom Examples Cell Phones as Classroom Computers

2.2.8. Laptops Ultra Mobile PCs

2.2.9. E-book readers

2.3. Cloud Computing

2.4. Smart Objects - Nicole Kiley

2.4.1. RFID Tags

2.4.2. QR Code

2.4.3. Smart Cards

2.5. Lisa Adams - The Personal Web

2.5.1. Facebook Questions & Answers EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative Questionable Material Global Connections Educations Future Conspiracy Code Virtual Shakspeare Festival Virtual Schools Facebook Journalism

2.5.2. Twitter Questions & Answers EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative Tweeted, Tweet and Young Learners 25 Tweeter Ideas Twitter Poll Parent Follow-up Buzz Words Tweetstory Geo Tweet Word Play Diary Twiddeo Tweeter in Class Classroom Rumor Speader

2.5.3. YouTube Questions & Answers EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative Rich Media Content Education uses Student Tutorials Student Critics Student Enthusiasm Is YouTube Safe? TeacherTube Twitter Lesson Plans How to instruction

2.5.4. Flickr Questions & Answers EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative Uses in Education Writing Prompts Flat Bobby Project Haiku Project Dioramas Cycle Slideshows Critical Issues

2.5.5. EduBlogs Questions & Answers 10 uses of Online Discussion Share Lessons Classroom newsletter Organize Worldwide classrooms Is filtering pertinent? Inaccurate information