All About Me By: Pamela Hall

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All About Me By: Pamela Hall by Mind Map: All About Me By: Pamela Hall

1. Science

1.1. Strand 4: Life Science Concept 1: Characteristics of Organisms PO 2: Name Body Parts

1.1.1. Book: From Head to Toe by: Eric Carle During the reading, students will name and move their body parts as the animals in the book move theirs.

1.1.2. Game: Back to Back As students are paired up, teacher calls out a body part as body part visual (card) is raised for students to see. Students then have to connect that body part with their partners (ex: teacher calls back to back: Partners turn around with their backs touching. Toe to toe: partners stand with toes touching.

1.1.3. Song: I'm being Swallowed by a boa constrictor

1.1.4. Activity: Body Tracing In small groups, students will be handed a large sheet of butcher paper and trace one group member's body. Students will be given a handout that contains visuals and names of several body parts. Students will use the handout as a guide to search for the body parts listed in magazines, students will find body parts in magazines and paste to their body part tracing. Students can then color the remainder of their tracing.

2. Social Studies

2.1. Strand 3: Civics/Government Concept 1: Foundations of Government PO 5: Recognize that classmates have varied backgrounds but may share principles, goals, customs and traditions

2.1.1. Special Box Students decorate a shoe box and have a week to fill the box with items that describe them, their likes, and their family. Items can be drawings, magazine photos, small items from home, etc. Students will then be given time to share their box with their classmates. As a class, students will describe similarities and differences between classmates.

2.1.2. Use multicultural paint (or mix varying shades of white and brown) and have each child make hand prints on a sheet of construction paper. Caption each page "_____ (child's name) can _____ with his/her hands."

2.1.3. Family Project: All About Me Poster Teacher will give each student a poster board with a number of writing materials (markers, crayons, etc.). Students will take the materials home and decorate the board, with the help of family members, with family traditions, photos, likes, dislikes, etc. As students bring their posters back to school, they will be given time to share with their classmates, as well as compare and contrast classmate's posters.

3. Writing

3.1. Strand 1: Writing Process Concept 2: Drafting PO 1: Communicate by drawing , telling, or writing for a purpose

3.1.1. Students will be be shown a large body sized mirror. They will be given the opportunity to look at themselves and draw/label what they see.

4. Math

4.1. Strand 2 Concept 3: Systematic Listing and Counting PO 1: Sort, classify, count and represent up to 20 objects and justify the sorting rule

4.1.1. Teacher will provide a variety of sorting materials: restaurant clipart, colored t-shirts, sports balls, etc. Students will then be asked to justify the sorting rule and name their favorite: color of shirt, sport, restaurant etc.

4.1.2. Put all the students names on sentence strips, so they can sort them by initial consonant, number of letters, boys’ names and girls’ names, and alphabetical order.

4.1.3. Make a real objects graph on the floor with the children's shoes, seeing how many ways they can be sorted.

4.2. Strand 2 Concept 1: Data Analysis PO 1: Construct simple displays of data using objects or pictures.

4.2.1. Students will create pictographs using data relevant to their lives (fav. color, sports, fruit, etc.). Students will complete their graphs with their classmates.

5. Reading

5.1. Strand 1: Reading Process Concept 1: Print Concepts PO 1: Recognize that print represents spoken language and conveys meaning (his/her own name) PO 5: Distinguish between printed letters and words

5.1.1. Book: From Anne to Zach by: Mary Jane Martin During the reading, students can match the alphabet letter (located on the corner of each page) to the letter in each name on the page, as well as to their name card (students will be holding their name card)

5.1.2. Book: Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes As a class, students will graph their names by number of letters

5.2. Book: I Like Me! by: Nancy Carlson

6. Physical Education

6.1. Standard 1: PO 2: Demonstrate locomotor skills (walk, run, hop, jump, skip, glide, gallop, and leap) Strand 4: Life Science Concept 1: Characteristics of Organisms PO 2: Name Body Parts

6.1.1. Teacher will hold up body part cards (each card will contain a body part visual and word), students will then be given time to think of a way they can move that body part, share with a friend, and then they will demonstrate the move they came up with (ex: teacher holds up a foot picture card, students stomp their feet, gallop, walk, etc.)

7. Creative Arts

7.1. Strand 2: Relate Concept 4: Dance and other disciplines PO 102: respond to movement through a different art medium (Draw a picture)

7.1.1. Teacher will play a variety of instrumental music. Students are to paint their feelings about each music piece (Ex: a frantic music clip is played as students paint quickly using dark colors to show they are frightened).

8. Technology

8.1. Standard 3: Technology Productivity Tools PO 1: Using a drawing program, create a picture story with support from a teacher

8.1.1. Using KidPix, students will draw a picture of their likes (favorite color, food, sport, animal, etc.)