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Sea Life by Mind Map: Sea Life

1. Language Arts

1.1. Rainbow Fish

1.1.1. The students will make a class book by each completing and illustrating this sentence "The little fish said, "Please may I have one of your shiny scales." The Rainbow Fish said, ___

1.2. Commotion in the Ocean-

1.2.1. Matching Rhyming Words Game-pairs of rhyming words will be used in a Memory style game

1.2.2. After hearing commotion in the ocean, students will practice making rhyming pairs. Teacher will write one word on a word card and place it in a pocket chart and students will give rhyming words to be added to the chart.

1.3. Fishing for Sight words

1.3.1. Pond area is defined on the floor and fish with sight words are added to the pond. Children take turns catching a fish and reading the word.

2. Science

2.1. Read: Hello Ocean as well as view nonfiction books on fish and whales

2.1.1. How long is a whale-use a VERY long rope (100 feet) to show how long a whale is How many students does it take to make a whale?

2.1.2. Compare and contrast fish and whales

2.2. Float and Sink

2.2.1. Two tubs of water will provided, one salt and one fresh. Objects will be added to each tub to see which float and which sink. draw about what you saw happen

2.3. Seek and find tubes

2.3.1. Two liter bottles filled with sand and and several small objects (hot glue lid shut). Create a poster of pictures of all the objects that the students should look for by manipulating the sand filled bottle.

2.4. Sand table

2.4.1. Sea shells and a magnifying glass can be added

3. Movement

3.1. Move like sea creatures

3.1.1. (teacher holds up picture cards with different sea creatures) as students move like the creature shown to ocean music.

3.2. Book: Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea-

3.2.1. Students will act out the story during the second read aloud of the book

3.3. Fishy Positions

3.3.1. Each student will get a fish cutout and will follow teacher directions using directional terms to move the fish (ie: put the fish under your foot)

4. Art

4.1. Sand pictures

4.2. Finger painting ocean pictures

4.3. Rainbow Fish-

4.3.1. Tissue paper painting-students given outline of fish. The fish is covered up with different color scraps of tissue paper. The tissue paper is painted over with water and allowed to dry. Once dry the paper falls off and the fish is brightly colored. A tinfoil scale can be added.

4.4. Octopus hat

4.5. ocean in a jar

4.5.1. blue colored water will be added to babyfood jars along with gold glitter (sand) and sea shells.

5. Math

5.1. Fishy Cracker number matching

5.1.1. Students will get a paper with numbers 1-10 written on it and will put the correct number of crackers with each number. When they are finished they may eat their fish!

5.2. sea shell addition-

5.2.1. Use sea shells to help solve addition problems with sums up to 10

5.3. Graph fish crackers

5.3.1. Use rainbow fish crackers to create simple bar graph

5.4. Ocean Patterns

5.4.1. Sea creature cutouts in various colors and will be available for students to create patterns

6. Social Studies

6.1. child recognizes the importance of his/her role as part of a group

6.2. Child displays responsible behaviors

6.3. Look at a World Map and identify the oceans on the map

6.4. Child seeks info from a variety of sources (people, books, videos, globes, maps, calendars, etc.)

7. Dramatic Play

7.1. Beach trip

7.1.1. Provide beach towels, sunglasses, sand toys, small cooler

8. Music

8.1. Fish Story

8.2. Did you ever see a fishie?

8.3. Five Little Fishies swimming in the pool

8.4. Five Little Fishies swimming in the sea

8.5. The sharks in the ocean