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Sea Life by Mind Map: Sea Life
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Sea Life


Fishy Cracker number matching

sea shell addition-

Graph fish crackers

Ocean Patterns

Language Arts

Rainbow Fish

Commotion in the Ocean-

Fishing for Sight words

Social Studies

child recognizes the importance of his/her role as part of a group

Child displays responsible behaviors

Look at a World Map and identify the oceans on the map

Child seeks info from a variety of sources (people, books, videos, globes, maps, calendars, etc.)


Read: Hello Ocean as well as view nonfiction books on fish and whales

Float and Sink

Seek and find tubes

Sand table


Move like sea creatures

Book: Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea-

Fishy Positions


Sand pictures

Finger painting ocean pictures

Rainbow Fish-

Octopus hat

ocean in a jar

Dramatic Play

Beach trip


Fish Story

Did you ever see a fishie?

Five Little Fishies swimming in the pool

Five Little Fishies swimming in the sea

The sharks in the ocean