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Meta Guide


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7th workshop on knowledge and reasoning in practical dialogue systems

a hybrid deliberative layer for robotic agents

a legal theory for autonomous artificial agents

adaptive multimodal interactive systems

advanced artificial intelligence

advanced computational intelligence paradigms in healthcare 6

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affective computing and sentiment analysis

agent and multi agent systems

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agents and artificial intelligence

agents for games and simulations ii

analysis of verbal and nonverbal communication and enactment

approximate reasoning by parts

artificial intelligence for computer games

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biologically inspired cognitive architectures 2011

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computational linguistics and intelligent text processing part 1

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deus ex machina sapiens

digital human modeling

domain level reasoning for spoken dialogue systems

e librarian service

encyclopedia of machine learning

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final jeopardy

foundations on natural and artificial computation

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graph based natural language processing and information retrieval

handbook of natural language processing and machine translation

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i is an other

infinite reality

inlg 2010

intelligence based systems engineering

intelligent decision technologies

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intelligent video event analysis and understanding

intelligent virtual agents

interactive multi modal question answering

interactive storytelling for video games

international conference on dependency linguistics depling 2011

international symposium on distributed computing and artificial intelligence

ipad in the enterprise

knowledge based bioinformatics

knowledge driven multimedia information extraction and ontology evolution

language and automata theory and applications

language technology for cultural heritage

learning to rank for information retrieval and natural language processing

learning to rank for information retrieval

linguistic analysis

logic programming knowledge representation and nonmonotonic reasoning

logical aspects of computational linguistics

machine ethics

meta learning in computational intelligence

methods for mining and summarizing text conversations

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natural language processing and information systems

neuromorphic and brain based robots

new challenges on bioinspired applications

new trends in agent based complex automated negotiations

papers 2010

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pattern recognition and machine intelligence

philosophy and simulation

proceedings of the paralinguistic information and its integration in spoken dialogue systems workshop

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reading machines

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robot ethics

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self adaptive systems for machine intelligence

self learning speaker identification

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social network data analytics

speech and language technologies

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spoken language understanding

sublime dreams of living machines

symbolic and quantitative approaches to reasoning with uncertainty

syntax based collocation extraction

systems and frameworks for computational morphology

text speech and dialogue

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the mathematics of language

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aaron a reed

abduction dialog systems

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acopost a collection of pos taggers

act r dialog systems

active learning dialog systems

adaptive dialog systems

aes automated essay scoring

affective computing dialog systems 2011

agent building and learning environment

agent development kits

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agi artificial general intelligence dialog systems

aiml 2000

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alicebot 2010

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alipr automatic linguistic indexing of pictures realtime


anaphora dialog systems 2011


answer extraction module

app apple pie parser

ara agents for remote action

ariadne spoken dialogue system

arms agent based resource management system

artificial brains

artificial intelligence engine

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artificial moral agents




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chinese metaphor

classic project

cle core language engine


clips c language integrated production system

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cmusphinx 2011

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cognitive architectures 2011

cognitive assistants 2011

cognitive assistants

cognitive engines

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collagen collaborative agent

collocation extraction dialog systems

compendium software

computational analogy

computational discourse analysis

computational discourse

computational dreaming

computational humor

computational metaphorics

computational narrative systems

computer processable language

concept mapping dialog systems


conceptual graph dialog systems

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connectionist expert system

connexor machinese

construction grammar dialog systems

context free grammar parsers

conversation control module

conversation trees

conversational agent 2011

conversational agent

conversational expert

conversational interfaces

conversational recommender systems

conversational systems

conversive verbots

cooccurrence dialog systems 2011

copernic summarizer

cormet metaphor extraction system

corpus annotation tools

corpus workbench


csg constraint based synchronous grammar

cu move

cycorp 2011

dare domain analysis and reuse environment

darx dynamic agent replication extension

databases ontologies

daydreaming machines

dbpedia natural language agents

dbpedia question answering systems

decision tree classifier dialog systems

decision tree dialog systems 2011


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deep reasoning systems

diagnostic expert systems

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dialog server

dialog system architectures

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directed dialog systems

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drools 2011

eclipse ide dialog systems

edrama virtual drama

eliza effect

emaa extensible mobile agent architecture


emi european middleware initiative glite

expert systems

facial expression recognition


finite state transducers

freebase agents

freya feedback refinement and extended vocabulary aggregation

fsg finite state grammar dialog systems

galaxy communicator

gate dialog systems


generic eca framework

genetic algorithm dialog systems 2010

genetic algorithm dialog systems 2011


gistsumm gist summarizer

grammar checker dialog systems

grammar compiler dialog systems

grammar engines

grammar parser dialog systems

grammar parsing natural language generation

grammar recognition

grammar recognizers

grammar transformers

grammar tree dialog systems

grammatical analysis dialog systems

grammatical inference systems

grammatical rule dialog systems

grammatico semantic analysis

grm library

gsl grammar specification language

hamburg metaphor database

hbp human brain project

head driven phrase structure grammar dialog systems

heather mccallum bayliss

hermit reasoner

holographic neural technology

hpsg parsers

hri human robot interaction dialog systems 2011

hypothesis generation module

hypothesis generators

hypothesis pruning

iarpa 2009

iarpa 2010

iarpa 2011

ibm websphere voice toolkit

idn interactive digital narrative

impact platform

incremental dialog processing

inference engines


ingenias development kit

inscape interactive storytelling for creative people

inspire project

intelligent tutoring systems 2010

intelligent tutoring systems 2011

interactive fiction

interactive narrative dialog systems

interactive narrative systems

interactive question answering

interactive story authoring

interactive story generation

interactive storytelling

iris reasoner

irstlm irst language modeling toolkit

isu information state update dialog systems



jack development environment


jadex framework

james project

jape java annotation patterns engine

jason ide


java agent development

java intelligent agent componentware

jena ontology api

jess java expert system shell 2011




jirs java information retrieval system

johan schalkwyk

joke generators

jrdf java resource description framework

knowitall reverb

knowledge representation and reasoning

kpml komet penman multi lingual

kris hammond

labview dialog systems

lalr parsers

language computer corporation

language generation module

language identification dialog systems

language independent dialog systems 2011

language modeling dialog systems 2011

language understanding module

latent semantic dialog systems 2011

learning classifier dialog systems

lemmatization dialog systems

lexical analysis dialog systems

lexico grammatical analysis


linear classifier dialog systems

lingpipe dialog systems

linguistic empathy

linguistic realizers

link grammar dialog systems

lirec living with robots and interactive companions

living systems technology suite

liwc linguistic inquiry and word count dialog systems

lms learning management system dialog systems

loebner prize 2010

loebner prize 2011

logical form alignment


lsa latent semantic analysis dialog systems

lsi latent semantic indexing dialog systems

lsm latent semantic mapping


machine learning chatbots

machine learning dialog systems

machine reading

machine translation dialog systems 2011



marie mobile and autonomous robotics integration environment

master metaphor list

mathematica dialog systems

matlab dialog systems 2010

matlab dialog systems 2011

maxent maximum entropy modeling toolkit

mcmc markov chain monte carlo dialog systems

medical expert systems



metaphor analysis

metaphor based reasoning

metaphor cognition

metaphor extraction

metaphor generation

metaphor network

metaphor project



middleware surveys

midiki mitre dialogue kit



minimal recursion dialog systems

mip metaphor identification procedure

modular chatbots 2011

modular grammar dialog systems


monrai cypher


morphological analyzers

mozart programming system

multi agent platform dialog systems

multi agent system development kit

multimodal dialog systems

multinet multilayered extended semantic networks


mutual information dialog systems

named entity recognition dialog systems 2011

natural language generation dialog systems 2010

natural language generation dialog systems 2011

natural language generator dialog systems

natural language interaction

natural language ontologies



neural network dialog systems


ngram dialog systems

ngram grammars

ngram tagclouds

ngram transducers

nldb natural language database

nlp systems evaluation

nlpa natural language program analysis

nltk dialog systems

nlu natural language understanding

non player character dialog systems



olympus ravenclaw dialog management framework



ontological engineering

ontology alignment dialog systems

ontology based qa systems

ontology builder

ontology design patterns

ontology extraction module

ontology parsers

open agent architecture

open source sentiment analysis tools

open text summarizer

opencalais 2011

openccg opennlp ccg library


opencyc 2011

opencyc dialog systems



opennlp 2011



owlapi 2011



page index 2010

page index 2011

pal framework


paraphrasing dialog systems 2011

parse tree dialog systems 2011

parsing algorithm dialog systems

part of speech tagging dialog systems 2011

passage retrieval module

passi toolkit

patricia o neill brown

pcfg probabilistic context free grammar dialog systems

pedagogical agents

pellet reasoner dialog systems


perceptron dialog systems 2011

persona management software

personality engineering

phrase chunking dialog systems


plagiarism checkers


plsa probabilistic latent semantic analysis dialog systems

polint 112 sms

pomdp dialog systems

porter stemmer


precision grammars

probabilistic consistency engine

probabilistic graphical models dialog systems

probabilistic parser dialog systems


prometheus design tool

protege ontology editor dialog systems

psyclone aios

pythia question answering system

qall me

query construction module

query formulation module

question analysis module

question answer pairs dialog systems

question answering module

question classifier module

question generation

question generator module

question generators

question processing module

question semantic representation

r project dialog systems

radar reflective agents with distributed adaptive reasoning

random forest dialog systems

random indexing dialog systems

rapidminer dialog systems

rapidminer twitter

rbmt rule based machine translation dialog systems

rcs real time control system cognitive architecture



recommender dialog systems 2011


reinforcement learning module

relation extraction dialog systems 2011

relational agents


rhetorical structure theory

rhetorical structure tree

robopsychology citations

robot brains 2011

robot brains

robot control schemes

robot dreams

robot software communications architecture

robotics middleware

rollo carpenter

ronald a cole

ros robot operating system dialog 2011

rt middleware

rule based language modeling

rule learning dialog systems

rule responders

salt speech application language tags dialog systems


selectional preference learning

semantic assistants

semantic dialog systems

semantic grammar dialog systems

semantic network dialog systems

semantic role labeling dialog systems

semantic tag dialog systems

semantic web reasoning


semeval metaphors


sensitive artificial listener

sentence boundary disambiguation dialog systems

sentence extraction module

sentence extractor

sentence generation module

sentence grammaticality

sentence parser dialog systems

sentence pattern dialog systems

sentence recognizer

sentence splitter

sentiment analysis dialog systems

sesame dialog systems

shahin maghsoudi

shallow parser dialog systems

smart home dialog systems 2010

smart home dialog systems 2011


sme structure mapping engine 2011

smt statistical machine translation dialog systems


spade smart python multi agent development environment

spark ide

sparql dialog systems

sparql natural language generation

sparql natural language question answering 2011


speech grammars 2011

speech recognizers

speechbuilder grammars


spg statistical paraphrase generation

spss dialog systems

sri gemini

srilm sri language modeling toolkit

ssml speech synthesis markup language dialog systems

stanford nlp dialog systems

stanford parser dialog systems

statistical classification dialog systems

statistical package dialog systems

statistical parser dialog systems

stelarc prosthetic head

stemmer dialog systems

stemming algorithms

stomp simple text oriented message protocol

story engines

story generator algorithms

storytelling systems

streaming data dialog systems

summarization systems

summarizer dialog systems

sumo dialog systems

syntactic grammar dialog systems

syntactic normalization

talk tools for ambient linguistic knowledge

talking agents

talking heads 2010

talking heads 2011


tasks of natural language processing


teachable agent

template grammar dialog systems

term extractor dialog systems


text analysis conference

text normalization dialog systems

text normalizers

text segmentation dialog systems

textual entailment dialog systems

textual entailment systems

the most human human citations

thinking head project

timbl tilburg memory based learner dialog systems

tokenizer dialog systems


topic selection module

transmedia storytelling

trec text retrieval conference dialog systems




ttscs text to scene conversion systems



uima dialog systems

uml unified modeling language dialog systems

uncanny valley

upnp robot middleware

utterance selection module

vector space dialog systems 2011

virtual human toolkit

virtual nurses

virtual patients

virtual storytelling


vivox secondlife

vue visual understanding environment

wayne ward

weka dialog systems


william d casebeer

witas robotic dialog environment

word sense disambiguation dialog systems 2011

wordnet dialog systems 2011

xml grammar dialog systems

xsd dialog systems

xslt dialog systems

yago qa


yahoo pipes 2011

yarp yet another robot platform


zmet zaltman metaphor elicitation technique


chatbot chakras





grammar processing


green travel


im voice bridge


infotec travel


ipaas integration paas


ivr agents

nuance products


best fusiontables videos

best rapidminer videos

gate gatecloud


robitron databases

spreadsheet scraping

visual ide




best dialog system classifiers

classification algorithms in dialog systems

classifiers in dialog systems

machine learning




open chatbot standards



brain simulation



rdf resources



100 best animatronic head videos

100 best robot head videos

best bina48 videos

robotic animals

talking head papers

talking head researchers

talking head


travel industry case studies


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