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Meta Guide


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2011 proceedings afeka avios speech processing conference

7th workshop on knowledge and reasoning in practical dialogue systems

a hybrid deliberative layer for robotic agents

a legal theory for autonomous artificial agents

adaptive multimodal interactive systems

advanced artificial intelligence

advanced computational intelligence paradigms in healthcare 6

advanced markov chain monte carlo methods

advances in artificial intelligence

advances in commercial deployment of spoken dialog systems

advances in knowledge discovery and data mining part 1

advances in knowledge discovery and data mining part 2

advances in neural networks isnn 2011 part 1

advances in neural networks isnn 2011 part 2

advances in neural networks isnn 2011 part 3

affective computing and sentiment analysis

agent and multi agent systems

agent based approaches in economic and social complex systems vi

agents and artificial intelligence

agents for games and simulations ii

analysis of verbal and nonverbal communication and enactment

approximate reasoning by parts

artificial intelligence for computer games

automatic summarization


biologically inspired cognitive architectures 2011

bitext alignment

clever algorithms

collaborative filtering recommender systems

computational linguistics and intelligent text processing part 1

computational linguistics and intelligent text processing part 2

conceptual structures for discovering knowledge


conversational agents and natural language interaction

designing intelligence

deus ex machina sapiens

digital human modeling

domain level reasoning for spoken dialogue systems

e librarian service

encyclopedia of machine learning

entertainment computing icec 2011

final jeopardy

foundations on natural and artificial computation

google power search

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graph based natural language processing and information retrieval

handbook of natural language processing and machine translation

human language technology

human robot personal relationships

i is an other

infinite reality

inlg 2010

intelligence based systems engineering

intelligent decision technologies

intelligent systems

intelligent video event analysis and understanding

intelligent virtual agents

interactive multi modal question answering

interactive storytelling for video games

international conference on dependency linguistics depling 2011

international symposium on distributed computing and artificial intelligence

ipad in the enterprise

knowledge based bioinformatics

knowledge driven multimedia information extraction and ontology evolution

language and automata theory and applications

language technology for cultural heritage

learning to rank for information retrieval and natural language processing

learning to rank for information retrieval

linguistic analysis

logic programming knowledge representation and nonmonotonic reasoning

logical aspects of computational linguistics

machine ethics

meta learning in computational intelligence

methods for mining and summarizing text conversations

middleware and cloud computing

mining the social web

moving to the cloud

multiagent system technologies

multiple classifier systems

natural language processing and information systems

neuromorphic and brain based robots

new challenges on bioinspired applications

new trends in agent based complex automated negotiations

papers 2010

papers 2011

pattern recognition and machine intelligence

philosophy and simulation

proceedings of the paralinguistic information and its integration in spoken dialogue systems workshop

proceedings of the workshop on automatic text summarization 2011

reading machines

reasoning web

reinforcement learning for adaptive dialogue systems

robot ethics

rule based reasoning programming and applications

self adaptive systems for machine intelligence

self learning speaker identification

semantic agent systems

semantic web services

social network data analytics

speech and language technologies

speech processing and soft computing

spoken language understanding

sublime dreams of living machines

symbolic and quantitative approaches to reasoning with uncertainty

syntax based collocation extraction

systems and frameworks for computational morphology

text speech and dialogue

the live web

the mathematics of language

the most human human

the secret life of pronouns




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