Tools and Your World

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Tools and Your World by Mind Map: Tools and Your World

1. Social Studies

1.1. Citizenship is important so the students will identify different tools that citizens around our world use to make completing different tasks easier as well as identify these different citizens contribution to a successful society SSS3C4PO1,PO4

2. Science

2.1. At the beginning of the unit we will sit down as a class and I will describe how simple tools (e.g., scissors, pencils, paper clips, hammers) can make tasks easier. I will branch off this simple concept and include the professions that require these tools. This will get the students exploring different technologies and sciences behind tool usage. SS3C2PO1

3. Literacy

3.1. In class we will read different books about professions and identify the different tools the characters use to make their job easier. Students will be asked to remember the different tools mentioned in the story. After reading, the group will participate in a discussion of the tools used. We will add the various professions to a wall chart with a list of the tools. This will be a useful resource when the students are asked to 'Pick Their Profession' in thematic play. RS2C1PO1-2

4. Math

4.1. Students will be given worksheets with different tools grouped in whole numbers up to 20. Students will be asked to count the tools and Compare two whole numbers through 20 by connecting the same amount of tools to each other then writing the number under the link. MS1C1PO7

5. Thematic Play

5.1. At the end of the unit, students will participate in an in class career day where the parents will be invited in and the students will dress up as the person they identified in their community. Student will describe the job function of the person, and describe the tool they chose that this person uses as well as describe how this tool makes completing their work tasks easier. AS1C2PO101- THEATRE

6. Writing

6.1. As the unit progresses the students will keep a journal detailing what they have learned about new professions and the tools they use to make completing on the job tasks easier. The journal will be used as an assessing tool as well as a form of reference for the students to go back to when choosing their profession. The journals will be put on display for the parents to review what we have been working on in the classroom. WS1C2PO1

7. Art

7.1. Students will be given cut outs of the different tools we discussed in class. The students will cut out the different tools and decorate them. These will be the tools the students use in their thematic profession demonstration to be held at the end of the unit. AS1C3PO108- THEATRE