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Forces by Mind Map: Forces

1. Types

1.1. Tension

1.2. Ideal Pulleys

1.2.1. has no mass and no friction

1.3. Fundamental Forces

1.3.1. Gravitational Newton's Fourth Law g=9.8N/kg Weakness of the fundamental forces Why planets orbit around the sun

1.3.2. Weak Even shorter the Strong force Radioactive decay process

1.3.3. Strong Holds protons and neutrons together Strongest Fundamental force Negligible at distances much larger then the size of atomic nuclues

1.3.4. ELectromagnetic Unlimited in range Fundamental interaction that binds atoms together

1.4. Contact

1.4.1. Normal Perpendicular

1.4.2. Friction Static proportional to the magnitude of the normal force acting between 2 forces Kinetic proportional to the normal force and the independent speed

2. Newtons Laws

2.1. Newton's First Law

2.1.1. Interia reisitance to changes in velocity

2.1.2. An object's velocity doesn't change if and only if the net force on the object is zero

2.2. Newton's Third Law

2.2.1. Forces are equal and opposite

2.3. Newton's Fourth Law

2.3.1. Universal Gravitation F=(Gm1m2)/r*2 attractive force proportional to masses of the objects

2.4. Newton's Second Law

2.4.1. F=ma

2.4.2. Force vector = mass scalar time acceration vector

3. Vector

3.1. has magnitude

3.2. has direction

3.3. Can add to find the net force

4. Free-Body Diagram

4.1. Shows all the forces acting on an object