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TEDx Amsterdam 2012 - Rethink Human Nature by Mind Map: TEDx Amsterdam 2012 -
Rethink Human Nature
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TEDx Amsterdam 2012 - Rethink Human Nature

June 25th 2012, The Hague, The Netherlands

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Striking a balance between work life and personal life

Patrick de Laive

Innovation is a MUST to survive. Standing still is staying behind. Can a big corporation innovate from the inside out? Or do they need to insert innovation from the outside through startups? What is the ideal collaboration?

Ronnie Overgoor

Desiree Dudley


How can you grow as an innovative startup company?

Patrick de Zeeuw

How do you start an honest, sustainable and transparent company that is not only a social, but also a commercial success for all stakeholders?

Willemijn Verloop

Aart van Veller


Scientists & Thinkers

Eus van Someren, Lying Awake with Insomnia, Does the brain ever sleep, what determines sleep depth, Does counting sheep work, Alan Berliner - Wide Awake movie, 10% of humans are insomniacs, twin pairs research, brain activation, help, slaapregister, sleepregistry, Night Watch, Light therapy

Kevin Slavin, @slavin_fpo, previous TED talks, 2011 How Algorithms Shape Your World, 2011 Reality is Plenty Thanks, The History and Future of Luck, Venus wind painting, Fortuna vists, O Fortuna, God speaks through the wind, ruach, Jonah in the storm, Luck is never in short supply, Everything happens for a reason, culture of chance, luck, fate, punishment, you get what you get, incompatible with American Dream, We are smarter than the average luck, teetotum, dice, longtime illegal in the US, Game of Life, A wheel does the trick, you're not in control, Snakes and ladders, you're not in control, no problem for children to accept, Atomic bomb inventors playing casino games, culture of control, maths versus probability, idea of the casino, statistics, stock market, Beat the Market, crack the lottery system, weather predictions, culture produces antibodies, Noam Chomsky, track & trace systems, remember, sometimes you're unlucky, You don't know what the future brings, but it brings you

Paul Zak, previous TED talk, 2011 Trust Morality & Oxytocin, neuroeconomics, Book The Morale Molecule, @pauljzak, The biology of love, Story of Lisa, Molested, unhappy childhood, distorted or undeveloped brain circuits, Drug abuser, Ended up in jail, impact on behaviour, deal or no deal, Story of Oxytocin Defecit Disorder, legal responsibility for murder, Role oxytocin, good behaviour, empathy, bad behaviour, agression, psychopats lack empathy, having a bad day, survival mode, quid pro quo, what makes us social, biology of love, influenced by response chemicals, punishment, rewards, risk appetite, engage in live

Dan Ariely, previous TED talks, 2009 Our Buggy Morale Code, 2011 Beware Conflict of Interests, Book Predictably Irrational, My review, Book The Truth about Dishonesty, interview, @danariely, Meaning in Labour, motivators for work, experiment with LEGO Bionicle, Sisyphic, endless cycle of making and breaking, pay to build, meaningful, experiment with named sheets, acknowledged, motivating, ignored, demotivating as well, shredded, demotivating, experiment with IKEA furniture assembling, experiment with origami building, builders, more time necessary increases love for it, evaluators, Adam Smith versus Karl Marx, Efficiency versus meaning, During Industrial Revolution, Adam Smith, efficiency of work, In Knowledge Economy, Karl Marx, meaning of work, are you connected to what you're doing, engagement

Rory Sutherland, previous TED talks, 2009 Life Lessons from an Ad Man, 2010 Sweat the Small Stuff, 2011 Perspective is Everything, Book The Wiki Man, @rorysutherland, The Next Revolution Will Be Psychological, Not Technological, Coining a word, popularizing words, measurebation, think of Apple fans, Karl Popper, masking complexity, praxeology, economics subordinate to pscyhology, scarcity rules, meaning of words, subjective, objective, innovation, create value to demands, create demand and supply a mean, innovatie en marketing zijn 2 manieren om waarde te creëren, sell or create illusions, perception of the public, likeminded gather together, game theory experiment, cycling race, separate the things we hear and see, Being rational isn't dangerous, Being creative is dangerous in business

Desiree Dudley, @desireedawns, @foresightnano, @20under20, Foresight Institute, The Power and Potential in Emerging Technologies, tooth loss, teeth out of stem cells, artificial limbs, artificial wind pipe, Team Rubicon, nanotube, Extreme 40 carbon fiber boat, It is man's nature to play with reality, let it expand and make something better, introduction, Yuri van Geest, your life's mission: find a mission

Social entrepreneurs

Nice Nailantei Leng’ete, AMREF Flying Doctors, Changing Traditions, Miss Kilimanjaro, women's rights, traditionally not allowed to talk to men, speak out without being judged, female genital mutilation, become women without the cutting, forced marriage, rite de passage, 2008 AMREF training, Change must come from within the community, women's right, women's education, community protection, community members, livestock, HIV dangers, future leadership, black walking stick as symbol

Katja Schuurman, Return to Sender, @rts_nl, It Is Time for a Good Story, why not, we are surrounded by possibilities, source of change, everyone can write his/her story, Katja's personal story, Study politics, end op in soap series, traveling to poorest places on earth, Indian's increments gathering women, We will overcome, local craft, products to fit Dutch market, sustainability, Return to Sender born, sold through HEMA, online shop, taking products out of anonimity, help local people taking first steps further development, what will your story be

Lissa Zeviar, Babygebaren, Teach sign language as second language, deaf babies learn sign language at 6-8 months old, hearing babies learn regular language at 1.5 years old, 90% of communication is non-verbal, take advantage of that, combine regular language and signs, poetry in motion, language of storytelling, Signing is handy, first date, busy train, interrupted connections, elderly, isolated people can use sign language as well, come full circle


Tinkebell, Everything Is Permitted, art = getting attention, controversy promotes attention, The notion of truth is changing

Leonard van Munster, The Dancing White Man, Other projects, Under heaven 2, Under heaven 1

Daria van den Bercken, Händel at the piano, Händel hits the road

A State of Wonder, Listening without prejudice, rediscovering Händel, spark emotions

David Middendorp

Hermine Deurloo, Oktober in Oosterpark, chromatic harmonica

Hans Klok, On stage, A great audience makes a great speech, think big, learn how to present

Sabrina Starke, sneak peek, #tedxamswomen, I found my hope

Personal stories

Valentijn De Hingh, Transgender story, What makes a human male/female, yes, body counts, Painful surgey process, Be yourself

Marc de Hond, The Power of Adaptation, Loss of both parents in WWII, Suddenly paralyzed, recovery, day by day, needed: spark of optimism, spend time & energy, support of others, if you're healthy, chase your dreams, needed: spark of optimism, spend time & energy, support of others, needed: spark of optimism, spend time & energy, support of others

Klaas ten Holt, The Composer and His Grief, Stockhausen, Johnny Cash, RIP Bibian Harmsen, Boek Paniekspinnen, Verslag van laatste levensfase, Weblog, music's role in overcoming grief, why wait doing the things we love

René Gude, Human Kindness, Learning to live without right leg, 10-15% chance to live over a couple of years, basic reaction, since it's over, just weep and do nothing, get over it, get back to work, wouldn't philosophy be helpful now, balancing, emotions, intelligence, classic philosophy, take a break, make a mental image of yourself, then confront emotions, take a broader view, zoom out, understanding, modern philosophy, overstanding, coined new word, idea techniques, Barry Schwartz, concept of cities, grouping, stand out from the group, a satellite on ourselves, zoom in, practice worth spreading, you need the collective, be outstanding

Paul de Blot, The Mystery of Human Nature, Material world composition didn't survive, iron, phosphor, Biological world survived, life's unique, human being, living being, conciousness, integral part of the whole world, social being, importance of trust, importance of friendship, self-conciousness, egocentrism, freedom, you got your life as it is, you are who you are, spiritual life, everlasting, activity, live and die, premisse, dichotomy, freedom of choice, Nelson Mandela

Gary Carter, FreMantle Media, Some Day S/he’ll Come Along, Homosexuality as single conflicting aspect of identity with other characteristics, accrediting same sex marriages, South African heritage, Faith in return for power, Christian nationalist education, Sex policed, bullying non-natural sexuality, Gender is a performance, Why marry, It had nothing to do with God, Out of human love, Insisting on same rights, change the world


Patrick de Laive

Amir Liberman, The Emotional Microscope, Ultimate lie detector, emotions <> choice of words, investigation focus tools, acted emotions have no value, use human voice, emotional diamond profile, great speakers think less as they speak, lie detectors, polygraph, global reaction, learn to beat or pass, we lie to change the future

Barbara Putnam Cramer, Food curation, the way you treat food, shows the way of life

Levi van Veluw, The Origin of The Beginning, Silent movie

Erik Bronsvoort, sustainability, ecological footprint of TEDx Amsterdam, 100kgs energy consumption per attendee, compensation programme, Zonnepanelen op Basisschool De Ark

Pablos Holman, Printing food, eat and tweet, food on demand, Makerbot Replicator

PIPS lab, Diespace, Draw light, Diespace is for everyone, regardless on your beliefs in life after death, big data visualization


Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam

Viewing Party at Provinciehuis Overijssel, Zwolle

organised by Ivo Boerdam,

Sponsors, Provincie Overijssel, Boon Webdesign, Croissants Pigalle, Creative Orange, Hulskamp, Rick Meinen, Nuvoli, AnyIdea

Brainstorm, Noaberschap, Algemene ideeën, Aanvullingen, Aanvullingen 2


TEDx Amsterdam Flickr page

Henk-Jan van der Klis' Flickr page

Boerdam Facebook page


This years’ theme – human nature – refers to the distinguishing characteristics, including ways of thinking, feeling and acting, that humans tend to have naturally. So what is human nature? Who are we, how do we think, feel and act? What are our limitations, and how can we overcome them?


November, 30th 2012



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Fun tweets on #tedxams


open for TEDx message

Paul Zak

Half-naked man more attractive than gun onstage

chemisch mindervalide

quick escalation of TEDx by stripping Paul Zak

Hugs are drugs

Lissa Zeviar

gebarentaal op twitter

gebarentaal bij onderbroken livestream geluid

Fokke & Sukke gebruiken gebarentaal

Marc de Hond

Amir Liberman

better learn sign language

Miss Kilimanjaro

nieuwe Hirsi Ali inclusief naaldhakken

Eus van Someren

Hoe val je het snelst in slaap

Emo diagram vertoont meer stress bij technische storingen, Dan Ariely vertelt maar een mop, Als je je fiets kwijt bent, denk eerst aan waar je minnares woont

Zijn insomnia afstammelingen van nachtwakers

Keep the fire going at night

TEDx Amsterdam 2012 Award

Recurring balloon theme

Dan Ariely

Children prone to IKEA effect

Hans Klok

Van Hans naar Katja

Ik doe m'n best

Roy Sutherland

Clicker, gin and tonic all sound the same in every country

I have twins, but not identical twins. Unfortunately it makes them useless for experimentation.

Woman wants jewelry because it is an act of sacrifice for men, because they don't benefit from it

PIPS lab

Just got uploaded from #tedxams to Diespace

René Gude

stonecoal English is like riding a wheelchair

Katja Schuurman

Haar spiekbriefje


All my balloons are popping

the X gone

TEDxAmsterdam Award

10 nominees

and the winner is

Marcel Verduyn, Ice from the sky, flexible water container, balloons in balance, rising, cooling, decending, heating, combating food waste due to temperature changes in transport

City of the Future

10 ways to improve your city through public space, Project for Public Spaces, Rosella Ferraro, Ibis Power and Researcher