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Brainstorming Sleeping Problems by Mind Map: Brainstorming Sleeping
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Brainstorming Sleeping Problems

Sleep Quantity

Make sleep your highest priority, ignore other activities that are of lesser priority

Prioritize your work and busy activities; pick the most important activities

Create a sleep meet-up group

Change your sleep patters by breaking 8 hours sleep into 3 hour sleep chunks

Sleep on busses during commute time

Hire a sleep coach

Create sleep workshops to teach people how to fall asleep

Create web site to teach people on importance of sleep

Sleep buddy, discuss your sleep problems with other work colleagues and learn from their experience., Create special sleep work group... Like XP programming in s/w development..., Work Sleep Buddy

Catch-up with your sleep at lunch time

Have sleep clinic at work where employees encourage people to sleep, Before each meeting have 15 min naps

Introduce a new vacation day, sleep day, have a sleep vacation as space travel

Introduce a new sleep policy at work place, Change lunch policy by splitting 1 hour lunches into 1/2 lunch + 1/2 nap, One Hour Break At Work for Sleep Time, Equip offices with armchairs/sofas that are sleep convenient, and encourage a "napping culture", Take appropriate sleep daily, even if it means going late to the office, sleep off hours for each employee, Create mandatory 15 minute naps and have them built into the work schedule.

Create an app that will auto-schedule nap times based on the current calendar schedule

Create an app that tracks your sleep patterns so that you can learn about your sleep habits, Make an application that calculates your ideal dream much similar to Ideal Weight Body Calculations

Home Automation System to regulate sleep patterns at home

An app to measure your daily sleep and recommend how much sleep for that day is left and when is the idea time to get that nap, Similar to scuba diving. Have a watch that calculates ideal sleep patters... Beeps when you are running low on sleep...

Apparatus electro stimulator to wear it at various points "energy" of the body to generate extreme fatigue. Apply 15 minutes before going to sleep. According to the instructions, you need 10 hours of sleep to recover., Bed pressure sensor, set the weight of the individual, from 22:30, if the sensor does not detect these lying generates a very annoying hum. It is programmed to 8, 9, 10 h, and if the individual successfully completes the number of hours, the bed via wifi enabled toaster and Nespresso and prepares you a wonderful breakfast.

Create a new drug as sleep substitute

Use anesthesia to get deep sleep for a short time

Introduce a sleep spa

Build sleep shops throughout the city where people can just randomly take a nap

Purchase tickets in time; currency exchange

Engage your family to help you with sleep schedule

Engage your family to reduce house choirs so that you can get more sleep time

Take a post dinner walk

Healthy eating habits

Sleep Quality

Buy earplugs

Buy Eye Mask, Have the same feeling as when we slept on the beach in the Air mattress, with sun, wind and waves, A device that stimulates us the area of the brain where the comfort is achieved by Sleep, Create multi-level armrests so that people don't bump each other at night when they sit side-by-side on the flight.

Invest in Single Person Alarms, Use a progressive alarm that wakes you up gently, based on light or an increasing noise level

"something=teddy bear?" for bed that emulates the feeling of sleeping hug a loved one. That relaxes much, gives confidence and sleep.

Have heating/cooling vent noise dumping devices as people can hear noises from other floors.

Talk to people about the problem, sometimes the problem goes away when you talk to people

Storytelling as when we were kids

Journaling before going to bed to clear the head

Creating a list of things that need to get done so that remembering them is not a priority

A social portal that helps you on how to improve your surroundings esp. bedroom for good quality sleep e.g. quantity of light.

Create sleep training courses

Introduce special housing with noise insulating walls

Build special chambers for people with sleep problems who can't fall asleep, Regulate Room Temperature, House automation to keep the sound level to minimal and control the lights to be appropriate for sleeping and facilitate with better sleep patter., Build special chamber for airplanes for red eye flights., Build special equipment that can be attached to an airplane seat so that we can rest our heads comfortably., Special device built into our carry on luggage for easy access., Build special carry on luggage that can be extended as comfortable adjustable leg rests so that people can sleep at airports., Special wake up service at airports.

Buy special music to help you fall asleep

Use Herbal Teas, Create a web portal where people can sign-up to receive recipes that promote better sleep patterns., Drink Warm Milk, Eat a bit early don't sleep right after eating., Take bath before sleeping, it helps with the sleep, Goto sauna before sleep; it drains your energy, Repairing cream to regenerate skin and release endorphins in our brain, Create various flavours of sleep cream, such as "tiger balm" for those who prefer heat on their muscles to relax them, or a cooling balm, with cooling agents, designed by herbal specialists to induce relaxation and sleep., Aromatherapy, a pillow would be nice as we can identify and neck tension, or muscular, evocative scent that we remember and that relaxation induces fruit of pleasant moments that remain in our subconscious., Aromatherapy scents used on airplanes for red eye flights

Create a routine to train body to fall asleep easier, Positive walk & talk helps to reduce negativity & helps in good sleep, Develop humorous & funny story for a day & share with your family, create a sleep-promoting routine (to be started 1 hour prior to getting to bed), As we brush our teeth that had a device that would give us massages, Sleep messaging software, such as a "mind master" type software, where the software inputs messages into the screen of whatever we're watching, reading or looking at, such as every 1/4 of a second it sends a message that we see so quickly we don't realize it, but our subconscious brain sees, and then acts on the message, "sleep now"., Keeping a regular sleep schedule will allow less sleep to be necessary, Do some exercise before going to sleep, Housing communities, apartment complexes, gyms build exercise areas/stay open for specific pre-sleep exercising customers., Design home sleep exercise equipment, based on research of what exercises are sleep promoters., A regular walk before sleep

be more body-centred, Train your body to sleep standing up, Create special wall belt attachments to support your buddy while sleeping standing up., Hypnotism

be more aware of emotions, Have crazy exhausting laugh sessions just before going to bed., Create a phone service where people can call in to experience emotions at the extreme.

Install black curtains

Images of yawning in the bedroom

Design/create a "sleeping bubble" to put around your house, such as the "floating cloud" created for the outdoor sporting events int he middle east, where you could inflate or float this device to surround your own house with your own "blackout/noise out curtain" type device, thus improving your immediate sleeping area.

No internet policy on bed, close down the wireless at night.

Create a noise crime clause, enforcing punishment for noisy people at night, similar to idea of installed cameras over road intersections that take your car license plate photo if you pass through a red light. These sensors could be installed to monitor noise levels and automatically ticket/fine report you to police and be added to your record., Use radar jamming technology, Create a noise jamming device for your room that will jam all noise. No need to wear ear-plugs., Create a noise jamming device for airplanes.

Special sleeping rooms at airports that can be charged by the hour.

Have more sex; I heard that it makes you sleepy