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Adaptability by Mind Map: Adaptability

1. Science Lesson Involving Adaptability

1.1. Student has a question/problem

1.2. Student Designs an Experiment

1.3. Student evaluates experiment

1.3.1. Student results solved problem

1.3.2. Student results did not solve problem Student designs new experiment

2. Career Focused Education Lesson Involving Adaptability

2.1. Student creates portfolio

2.2. Student completes exit interview

2.3. Student receives feedback from interviewing team

2.4. Student adjusts portfolio and/or interviewing techniques before job interview.

3. Adaptability Model

3.1. Decision Making

3.1.1. Roles in the classroom

3.1.2. Types of tasks in the classroom

3.1.3. Time Management

3.1.4. Real world experience

3.2. Independent Performance

3.2.1. Written Tasks

3.2.2. Oral Tasks

3.2.3. On the job tasks

3.2.4. Technology projects

3.2.5. Collaborative projects with peers

3.3. Self-evaluation

3.3.1. Reflective Journal

3.3.2. Self-score using a rubric

3.3.3. Exit interview with teacher/peers

3.4. Adjustment

3.4.1. Return to Decision Making Stage and revise/try new strategy

3.4.2. Return to Decision Making Stage and begin new task/problem.

4. German Lesson Involving Adaptability

4.1. Choose a survival situation card

4.2. Interact with teacher or native speaker in situation role play

4.3. Move on to next situation.

4.4. Reflect on experience. Rate how likely you would be to use German successfully in a real-life situation based on your role-play.

4.4.1. Repeat role-play again if desired or necessary.