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'Loving Beyond Reason' Acts 8:1-8 by Mind Map: 'Loving Beyond Reason' Acts 8:1-8
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'Loving Beyond Reason' Acts 8:1-8

ME - Connecting with We

Appreciation for the opportunity to preach

A little about myself

WE - Reveal Felt Need

Who here wants to do great things with God?


Read Acts 8:1-8

No matter how Ravenous you become, you can never contain God!

God knows our perilous-ness and tells us to go anyway.

Who preached in acts 8

To who did they preach

Gods plan is bigger than our circumstances and of our outcome

You - Application

From sharing possessions to sharing Christ

We need heros, like Philip, today

Will you be one of those heros, that lives beyond yourself

We - Vision

We won't get there overnight, but in time our city can be full of Joy just like in Acts 8:8 because of our Actions and Love.

Church plant in France, Unsure of the results, but we are trusting God and moving that direction. We are praying and trusting God to bring his Joy back to that country.


Homiletical Idea

Big Idea/One Point

Guidance from Woodridge Church