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Frank Kern's Mass Control by Mind Map: Frank Kern's Mass Control

1. Mod. 1, Vid. 5

1.1. Put videos on CD/DVD to repackage your product as a physical product. You can sell physical products for much more. Physical products also have a lower refund rate.


2.1. Good for researching JV partners, number of hits/month to their sites. Find competitors’ sites that you can advertise on (using Adwords or private banner ads).

3. Fables & Parables

3.1. - Repeatedly tell stories that reinforce what you’re all about. - Stories allow you to send multiple messages through embedded metaphors (commands). - Use persuasive metaphors which are comparisons b/t 2 unrelated things that transfers the favorable result and generates a desire to comply. - The persuasive metaphor talks about something seemingly harmless but ends up making prospects want to give you $$$$.

4. Creating a Character & Story Line that your Herd Will Bond With

4.1. 1. Your Back Story (How you got into this) 2. What You Stand For (Your Beliefs & Values) 3. Your Magic Powers (Must relate to the desired outcome of your herd. 4. Your Fables (True stories that you tell about yourself, your product, or others who’ve used your product.) 5. Your Secret Language (the “inside” language of the market).

5. Interest & Desire Bonding & Trust Proof (testimonials) Sample (of product for sale, of results)

6. Engineering Belief Systems:

6.1. - If you say it, maybe it’s true. - If someone else says it, it’s probably true. - If lots of people say it, it’s almost certainly true. - If it’s in print (publication), it’s definitely true.

7. Magic Powers

7.1. Using Your Magic Powers: If you don’t have magic powers of your own, you must borrow magic powers from the product you’re pitching or from the experts you’re interviewing.

7.2. Frank Kern’s Magic Powers: Did the 3 biggest $$ launches in IM history. Created a niche biz that does over $1 MM selling info. products.

8. Your Life as a Celebrity

8.1. - We’re inherently programmed to follow leaders/heroes/gurus/saviors. Look at modern religion. Look at politics. - Your market is going to follow somebody…so it might as well be you. - People follow you because they get addicted to your character NOT b/c of your content. They may start out initially b/c of your content, but after a while they become addicted to you/your personality. - We relate to CHARACTERS. - Stories and characters keep people eagerly waiting to hear from you. - You want your herd to feel like they KNOW you.

9. Misc. Nuggets

9.1. Add to email marketing as you approach the launch date --> I’m not trying to put any pressure on you, but…only 300 copies will be sold at $67.

9.1.1. Promise free gifts after the trial deadline. – Increases stick rate of customers.

9.1.2. -- $1,000 for one million emails. Specializes in CPM mailings.

9.2. Click here to get priority notification of when ________ will become available.

9.3. List all the assets your biz. has

9.4. - SEO ranking - Testimonials from satisfied subscribers - My list - Videos/Audios/Written content - All the comments on my blog - Free content sent to me by subscribers who want to be featured on my site.

9.5. Example of one of Frank’s money magnets.

9.6. Takeaway Selling: Your product isn’t for everyone. It isn’t for total losers who hate freedom, love Satan, and kill kittens in their spare time. But…if you love freedom and don’t murder kittens, then this is for you.

10. Howitzer Method

10.1. Infiltrate Google newsgroups and forums and distribute your free content. Do this under a “pen name.” Produces mass indoctrination – the market believes and understands what you’re all about. Hey, have you guys seen this free ____________? Provide value to the forum and get a history of posts before you promote your free content. Don’t spam the forums.

11. Good Email Subject Lines

11.1. "Weird" works well as a subject line. We’re all interested in the weird/bizarre. Putting the subject line in parentheses also works nicely. Subject lines with questions provoke a higher response. Sarah, it’s NOT your fault! Sarah, this is weird Sarah, weird video (it’s Chris. don’t tell anyone about this) Sarah, have you seen this??

12. 3 Story Lines

12.1. Hometown Boy Makes Good (Loss & Redemption)

12.2. 1. A story of loss and redemption – the story of the underdog. 2. They bond with you b/c you imply “I did it, and you can too.”

12.3. Storyline: I was broke/overweight/shy/lost it all. I made a discovery which changed my life. I’m going to share it with you. You too can change your life.

12.4. Reluctant Hero (Big Discovery by Boy Next Door)

12.5. 1. You’re only selling this b/c ppl. are demanding it. 2. You’re just a regular person & the spotlight kind of freaks you out. 3. You “fell into” this position of being a leader. 4. You have flaws just like everyone else. 5. You’re teaching this as a favor to the market.

12.6. Storyline: You stumble upon something amazing. Word gets out –everyone wants to know about it. As a favor to the world, you’ll teach it but “please bear with me, b/c I’m not a professional.”

12.7. Us. Versus Them (Crusading for a Cause, Against a Common Enemy)

12.8. 1. It’s not your fault! People like to blame their problems on outside factors. 2. People want to be part of an “inside community.” Examples: religion, military. 3. Highlighting the common perceived enemy bonds the herd to you. 4. “They” benefit from OUR suffering.

12.9. Us. Versus Them relies heavily on telling secrets. If I let you in on the big secret, you become one of “us.” I am on a crusade against THEM (you’re interested in bringing THEM down). If someone doesn’t buy, he’s playing into the enemy’s hands.

12.10. Diff. types of secrets: long lost secrets, inside secrets, shocking secrets.

12.11. **Frank always combines these 3 story lines for maximum effect.

13. Tactics to Achieve a Buying Frenzy

13.1. Scarcity + Increased Coolness + Outside Threat == Buying Frenzy

13.2. Increased Coolness --> Increase their desire by adding an unannounced bonus to the product – making it even cooler than they thought. Create positive excitement instead of scarcity driven desperation.

13.3. Leak/Outside Threat --> Introduce an outside threat that creates an increased sense of scarcity. (Aff. partner with responsive list.) John Reese is mailing his 100,000 subscribers. They’re very loyal and usually follow his advice. JR’s list alone could sell this out in about 15 mins.

13.4. - Scarcity - Fast Action Bonuses (that are removed over time, or w/ a certain # of products sold) - Price Hike - Outside Threat/Leak

13.5. Mod 4, Vid. 7 --> Great email copy w/ outside threats, cool stacking, and DGrip.

14. Crux: Tell them a story that relates to your product, and give away good (but incomplete) content which leaves them wanting more.