LSI Strategic plan

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LSI Strategic plan by Mind Map: LSI Strategic plan

1. Strategic 2020 vision

1.1. System is entirely self installing wherever it wants to

1.1.1. Open source framework

1.2. Has become a world class for -benefit organization

2. Mission statement for LSI

2.1. Our mission is to reverse the outflow of wealth from the Irish economy by developing community supported enterprises, which will reduce energy, food and transport costs, and redirect spending power for the benefit of the local economy

3. Goals to have achieved by 2013

3.1. Everyone involved is happy and making a sustainable income

3.2. The concept is proven beyond doubt

3.3. International community of switchers has emerged - virally

3.4. Serious inroads into reduction in fossil fuel imports

3.4.1. 20gWh All success is a function of this 1000 switchers 20% reduction 30% reduction in food 10% reduction in transport 20% reduction in the home Equiv 8,000L oil per day

4. Proposed Modus Operandi

4.1. Work hard to get results in Borrisokane, copy and improve, get cross collaboration going, catalysts clone themselves, anarchic organization built layer by layer, ensuring all required supports in place before moving forward

5. 10 things you want to have in place and working in the project within next 6 months

5.1. A well functioning and tested process

5.1.1. Project management of installation of localSwitch architecture by catalysts on the ground - planting the seed (formerly called the PPO)

5.1.2. Project management of development of localSwitch architecture by catalysts on the ground - Fertilization and pruning (post PPO)

5.1.3. Provide a back office service system - orders, billing, HR, accounts

5.2. Fundraising with philanthropists - First getting good results, then selling that story, this will be a useful income stream in the future

5.2.1. Philosophy document Articulate the solution 3/4 done

5.2.2. philanthropy needed for training reps to start their owm biz community bond match funding

5.2.3. Video 90% done

5.2.4. Detailed plan Target 1 month 3 months 6 months Strategy Ross - 4 months - charity bike ride Ongoing Philanthropy Utility switchovers Fundraising campaign To do now Meet G Magna for help with plan Graphic for charity cycle Story to put in place Aidan's contacts are based around Limerick Detailed plan for Borrisokane Plan for the year

5.3. A system for developing products for LS marketing companies to sell - or harvesting good experience on the ground and distributing it - Propagation of good ideas (opportunity harvesting and training)

5.4. Be delivering sufficient live projects for catalysts to work on - including finding localswitch reps, mentoring them, submitting grant applications delivering orders, procuring match funding

5.4.1. recruit reps put on training courses philanthropy funding for this maybe collab can help have rep training academy online leader training funds market it reps do resource mapping as case studies as homework establish leader requirements so rep can promote ls to community get leader 10 town animations New Idea

5.5. Having maintained good customer / stakeholder relationships in all segments

5.6. Develop a mediation process to assist with interpersonal problem solving across the localswitch ecosystem

5.7. Provide a back office service system - orders, billing, HR, accounts

5.8. Generating a functioning live local trading system in Borrisokane, helping make the new enterprises sustainable

5.9. Having on the ground work initiated in 10 communities.

5.10. Have a good marketing system in place that works through social proof

5.11. A homegrown local rewards system

5.11.1. "Switcher of the month"

5.12. What do we need to do now to achieve those short –term objectives

5.12.1. Swarm Borrisokane! Get the PPO finished for Borrisokane

5.12.2. Tie up loose ends in terms of process through collaboration Need to stay at this till we're functional

5.12.3. Develop the story for Philanthropy Harvest social proof from Borrisokane Video Stories

5.12.4. Get ready immediately for going into other communities

6. Management /organisation –how best to mange the project

6.1. Project needs to self replicate virally

6.2. Maintain good quality standards

6.3. Social Franchise

6.3.1. Territory based

7. Roles and accountabilities

7.1. LSC

7.1.1. Generate Sales for catalysts Aidan

7.1.2. Develop the business process Ross

7.1.3. Develop and run back office system TBC

7.2. LSF

7.2.1. Catalysts Project manage development of local supply chains

7.2.2. Local Direct marketing enterprises Converting paying members