Digital Education Revolution Laptop Festival

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Digital Education Revolution Laptop Festival by Mind Map: Digital Education Revolution Laptop Festival

1. Name

2. VC ideas

2.1. How to

3. Topics

3.1. Office 2007

3.1.1. set little tasks and get teachers to explore small bits of funtionality

3.1.2. navigation tips and tricks diff levels

3.2. Adobe

3.2.1. Demo Adobe Software (Suite)

3.3. Pod casting (digital literacy)

3.3.1. alternative ways to deliver info

3.3.2. vodcasting Melissa Giddins Engadine

3.4. engadine - F1 catia

3.4.1. student sharing

3.4.2. experts

3.5. video conferencing skills

3.5.1. engadine could deliver

3.6. engadine could facilitate a discussion/debate

3.7. Q&A about DER NSW Laptops

3.8. Adobe Software Demonstrations/showcases

4. Ideas

4.1. Film and movie editing

4.1.1. Engadine would like to attend

4.1.2. Premiere elements

4.1.3. teachers and students

4.2. blocked and unblocked

4.2.1. home and school

4.3. Questions about owning the laptops

4.4. Can the laptop connect to the Interactive Whiteboard?

4.5. Don't want to use just office. What are some teaching ideas? Pedagogy? Our school not wired. How do we use the computers when they are not wired/wireless to the Internet? How design textiles? (Adobe Design software? ePortfolios? Art, thumbdrives. wordprocessing (headers/footers) film/art - want adobe creativity suite explained (pedagogy) Music (Audacity - Music)

4.6. Substitute for writing? Software - teachers need to be comfortable. Teachers need to PLAY with it. Teachers need to know what CAN happen. To learna bout a new tool. It can deter from your teaching. Understanding. Some demos of what the software can do. Plus the logistics(technical issues). What is it capable of? DEMONSTATIONS for inspiration.

4.7. Stories from people who have used the software (Adobe Suite)

5. Edmodo to communicate

5.1. edublogs

6. LEP/Photoshop

6.1. ideas & suggestions

7. SRC

8. Charity Councils

8.1. Amnesty

8.2. Shout

9. Robotics & Celestia

9.1. Vince & Sue