Of Mice And Men

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Of Mice And Men by Mind Map: Of Mice And Men

1. Lennie

1.1. Not mentally ok

1.2. Kill's Curly's Wife

1.3. Likes rabbits and mice

1.4. Wants to get a house with George

2. George

2.1. Puts up with Lennie

2.2. Kills Lennie

2.3. Trying to get by

2.4. Wants to get a house with Lennie

3. Curly

3.1. Doesn't treat his wife well

3.2. Doesn't like big guys

3.3. Gets into an argument with Lennie

4. Curly's Wife

4.1. Flirts with the other guys

4.2. Killed by Lennie

5. Candy

5.1. Has an old dog

5.2. Wants to help George and Lennie

6. Settings

6.1. Takes place in Northern California

6.2. Timespan: Several days

6.3. At a ranch/farm for the majority of the book