Of Mice and Men

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Of Mice and Men by Mind Map: Of Mice and Men

1. Lennie

1.1. Not "right" in the head

1.1.1. Doesn't know his own strength Aggravates George Shot by George at the end of the book

2. George

2.1. Wants to live "The American Dream"

2.1.1. Wants to own his own farm Doesn't have time for himself Lennie's Caretaker

3. Curly's Wife

3.1. "Loo Loo"

3.1.1. Has no real name Always causes trouble

4. Location

4.1. Northern California

4.1.1. Desert

5. The "Impossibility" of The American Dream

5.1. Lennie

5.1.1. Prevents George from his Dream George constantly has to take care of Lennie