Inner City Drug Violence

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Inner City Drug Violence by Mind Map: Inner City Drug Violence

1. Sourec 10 In this article presented by http// explains that most of the individuals committing these crimes are African- American. Being that the majority of these crimes are being committed in very bad neighborhoods, They have no choice but to rank high in the statistics. I feel that this article is very informative, and relevant. My community is poverty stricken, and most of the people comitting these acts in my community are African-American. And It all starts from individuals being poor, which leads to the distribution of drugs, robbery, or anything illegal that may provide quick cash production. The average african american male is poverty stricken, who resides in a bad neighborhood. The commonly lack education, and with no education, there aren't any availbable jobs that accomodate them. They then do whatever they have to do in order to make a living, Some of them rob and steal from others, while the rest usually sell narcotics. This is everyday life where I come from, and until a significant resolution is created, this cycle of events will continue and only get worse.

2. Source 6: This source reveal some of the reasons perpetrators result to violence as a solution when drugs are involved. This source was provided by http//:ncjrs/gov and provides valuable data on why this issue is so prevalent. This article basically explains that When drugs are commonly present in the community, its every man for themselves. Many people use drug distribution as an escape route to easy cash, but when you base your everyday life around drugs, your freedom as well as your safety is at hand. People will rob, steal, and kill for someone's drug supply inorder to sell them and make profit or for personal use, and since people are willing to pay substantial amounts of money for these drugs, they are also willing to hurt or kill someone as well.

3. Source 9: This article talks about the after effects that violence has on individuals. This particular artcle reveals the after effects displayed by children when violence is present. This article was provided by http//, and is beneficial to a certain extent. It clarifies how children are clearly affected, but doesn't explain the effects on the families of the victims, as well as the community. These are all questions that need to be answered, because I myself have witnessed first hand that when violence occurs in a community, especially murder, everyone is dramtically affected. Yes kids are important in regards to this issue, but what about the parents who are now worried about their childs well-being. Not to mention the environment where that particular crime at hand, effects everyone residing there.

4. Source 8: This source which was provided by htpp:// depicts how today's law enforcement and our country's government is working to put a stop to these violent acts by creating laws that will abolish gun possesion as well as drug possession. This article was provided by http// and I consider it to be very influential, yet bias. I feel that by initiating these laws really would help this issue at hand but to be more realistic, law enforcement should be more productive in their actions in forcing the law. My neighborhood is considered to be a very bad living environment, which it is, so the police are considered to be very lazy I must say. They have a mindset that since they're patrolling a bad neighborhood, they really could care less about what transpires. The residents where I live aren't fearful of the police by any means, keeping crime at an all time high. Better law enforcement would be a great start, because if we had law enforcement that eally cared, most crimes would be put to rest before they enhance to bigger issues.

5. Source 7: This source depicts the reasons why most of these acts occur in inner city areas. This source is provided by http// and is very distinct in context. This article suggest that most of these violent acts transpire because inner city areas are poverty strickened and most of the residents of these areas a commonly poor. The sell drugs to survive seeing that its a quick way to aquire funds. I consider this article to be very accurate seeing is that I reside in a poverty strickened neighborhood and alot of the residents in my community resort to selling these illegal drugs in order to make ends meet. Im not blaming people for having a comfortable, poverty free life, but these actions occur in bad neighborhoods, because its evident that some people would know where ther next dollar would come from if they weren't distributing drugs. I am friends whose family has lived off the drug trade for generations, because its truly all they know. Im not saying that this is a good thing, but how can you make someone stop something that they clearly make a profession out of???

6. Who are the common participants of these crimes???

7. What are some of the after effects of this issue???

8. Why does this problem commonly occur in rural inner city areas???

9. Are Law enforcement/Government doing enough to put and end to this Social Problem..???

10. What stimulates the resolution of the social problem to violence, death, etc.. ???

11. What resolutions have been presented in order to resolve this issue...???

12. Source 1:This article that was provided by http// and depicts several problems that may be the cause of this particular problem at hand. Out of all of the issues, poverty stood out the most. It explained that by residents being poor, they will do any and everything to make a dollar. Many people feel that drug dealers, as well as theives are bad people with no morals, they never stop to think that this person is poor and may not know where their next meal may be coming from. I really like this article because it informs the reader with substantial information regarding this issue. I categorize this artice as extremely informative. I myself know a lot of people who struggle with the issue of where there next meal may be coming from, and when poverty seems to have the upper hand and their backs are up against the wall, the will do anything they can to survive, even if it means selling drugs. You really can't underestimate anyone who was nothing to lose, thats why they will do anything in order to come out on top in most cases. I see victims of this issue on a day to day basis, and there is nothing that the law, government. or anyone for that matter can do when their mind is made up.

12.1. What are some social problems that may be the leading cause of the this particular issue at hand..???

13. Source 2: After reading this source provided by htpp//, I was able to broaden my horizon on this issue at hand. I myself, have already witnessed hands on, the effects drug violence has on a family and community. The article goes into exclusive detail in discussing how communities are affected as a whole and families are left broken with an empty void left to be filled. By reading this article, I also learned that the more these acts occur, the more frequent they become. Leaving the community in a state of total confusion. A child hood friend of mine was killed right before the semester started over an incident that involved drugs. After his death, the neighborhood hasn't, or will ever be the same. The has been nothing but mayhem, and retaliation since his passing. I have witnessed the aftermath of the environment when violence transpires, whether its drug related or not, and there has never been a positive outcome.

14. Source 5: This source just explains how drugs end up in our towns and communitties. its done by a process called trafficking, where the illegal sale, production, transport, movement, and distribution of illegal drugs and controlled-substances attained through unlawful means. This source is very informative seeing is that many people are aware of the drug epidemic but fail to understand where the drugs are actually coming from. This source answrs this question in full context, but it leads me to think of other questions like how do perpetrators introduced to the sole suppliers/distributors of these illegal drugs???

15. Source 3: This article presented by http:/, provides several suggestions in ways to decrease drug violence in the inner city areas. The resolution thats is depicted in this article was the notion to legalize drugs. They feel that by doing this, Legalization would bring an end to most of the drug violence, as well as the brutalization of drug users. Corruption of police, clogging of courts and prisons, and most deaths from drug overdoses would also take a serious decrease in statistics. This article was provided by the International society of liberty and this issue is discussed primarily at the end of the source. I honestly feel that legalizing drugs really would bring violence down in the inner cities, yet alone the world. By the drugs becoming legal, many wouldn't have a reason to commit most of these violent acts.

16. Source 4: In this article provided by http//, I was informed of the common everyday victims of these crimes. It explained that most victims of inner city drug violence would be kids. It discussed that this issue isnt only physical, but mental. yes many children have been innocent victims of related drug violence, but most are affected because some of these acts are witnessed right before their eyes, leaving them permanently scarred. Some of the children witness these acts, and perceive that when a common situation occurs that violence is the answer, this problem has become prevalent with lots of children living in the inner city communities. This article is very informative, and I consider it one of my most stronger sources. They children who reside in my neighborhood are commonly presented with drugs by the time they are in the fifth grade, usually because someone they know are selling these drugs or using them. This also makes the children victims of the issue, because without the bad influences of these substances, many kids wouldn't turn out to be statistics of the problem at hand. Children are the future of the world, and its up to us to instill positive morals, negative influences only add fuel to the fire.

17. Where are the drugs coming from..???

18. who are the common victims of these crimes???

19. How does this Social problem effect the environment???