Rules by Cynthia Lord

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Rules by Cynthia Lord by Mind Map: Rules by Cynthia Lord

1. Important Parts of the Plot

1.1. Background Information (Exposition)

1.1.1. It's the beginning of summer and Catherine, a twelve-year old girl is trying to find a friend to spend it with. She has a brother David, who has autism, and a family that she feels neglects her. She continually gives Jason rules to follow so that he will act "normal."

1.2. Sequence of Events

1.2.1. Catherine meets Kristi

1.2.2. Catherine meets Jason

1.2.3. Catherine befriends Jason

2. Characters

2.1. Catherine

2.1.1. Catherine is the main character in this book. She is the sister of David, and eventually the friend of Jason.

2.2. David

2.2.1. David is Catherine's sister. He has autism, and is provided with a set of rules from Catherine continuously - rules which are supposed to show him how to act "normal."

2.3. Jason

2.3.1. Jason is a new friend that Catherine makes. She meets him at David's therapist, and is at first weary of introducing him to her new friends because he is a non-verbal paraplegic.

2.4. Kristi

2.4.1. Kristi is the new girl who moves in next door to Catherine at the beginning of the story. Catherine tries desperately to become friends with her, and that includes doing, saying, and hiding things that go against her better judgement.

3. My Rating

3.1. 9 out of 10

3.2. Why? -- I found the characters in this book to be believable and likeable. Together, they told an excellent story that gave a unique and practical lesson on the value and power of friendship, and how social stereotypes should not get in the way. Catherine, in particular, grew to realize that normal isn't necessary, and that you can't make rules for everything.

3.3. Recommend? -- I would recommend this book to anyone, especially those who have ever been in a situation where you wanted to follow your heart, but peer pressure or other outside pressures were getting in the way.

4. About the Book

4.1. Young Adult Fiction, Ages 10+

4.2. Awards

4.2.1. Newberry Honor

4.2.2. Schneider Family Book Award

4.3. 200 pages