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Industrial Revolution by Mind Map: Industrial Revolution
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Industrial Revolution


Replacement of human labour with machines

Rural to Urban Migration

Increase in production for all sectors

Improved standard of living for owners

Economic and global, power and wealth to the industrialized nations

Emergence of new ideologies to accompany Industrial Revolution changes


Gender Inequality

Child Labor

Breakthroughs in transportation methods

Exponential increase in the populations of countries and cities

Eradication of traditional class system; implementation of workers and owners class structure

Decrease in standard of living for some wage earners


Increase in quality and consistency of goods

Trade and Work Unions

Public education systems

Specialization of labor

Variety of goods

Need for changed motivated individuals to try and join government


Low production in all sectors

Abundance of capital

Raw materials


Market for goods

Scientific Revolution

Agricultural Revolution

Population boom

Enclosure movement

New Inventions

Changes in the way goods were transported, purchased, and produced

Social changes

Economic changes

Technological changes