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1. bid data

1.1. This is presented in a big volumes, at a big velocity and that contains a variety of infomation.

1.1.1. Know as "The three Vs".

2. Autonomous roborts

2.1. This is the ones with ability to do tasks without a command or control given directly by the human.

2.1.1. Work in industries and business.

3. Cybersecurity

3.1. The intelligent devices that automate processes and generate valuable information for companies.

3.1.1. Revision of the industry security concept.

4. 3D Priting

4.1. This allows youto print three-dimensionalsolid objects, to print you need adevice with theability to add aspecific materiallayer by layer.

4.1.1. One of the prints is in the area of medicine.

5. Internet of Things (loT)

5.1. This is a digital network between devices where the exchange of data flows.

5.1.1. Key information to detect patterns.

6. Simulation

6.1. This is not justto create virtualenvironments or3D, is forcarried out inreality in theproductive plantof theindustries.

6.1.1. Physical environment like people, machines and products.

7. Aumented Reality

7.1. This obtain information about their environment and what they want to know in real time.

7.1.1. The virtual reality glasses.

8. Cloud Computing

8.1. This computer isnot for havingany type ofprograms savedbecause a partof the cloudsaved them.

8.1.1. The advantages offered are OneDrive app and Cloud storage.

9. Integration Systems

9.1. This allow the platforms and company systems to connect with each other and sharing information.

9.1.1. The system to help to had organizations.