High Noon: 20 Global Problems/20 Years to Solve Them

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High Noon: 20 Global Problems/20 Years to Solve Them by Mind Map: High Noon: 20 Global Problems/20 Years to Solve Them

1. 20 Global Problems

1.1. Sharing Our Planet

1.1.1. Global Warming

1.1.2. Biodiversity and Ecosystem Losses

1.1.3. Fisheries Depletion

1.1.4. Deforestation

1.1.5. Water Deficits

1.1.6. Maritime Safety & Pollution

1.2. Sharing Our Humanity

1.2.1. Fight Against Poverty

1.2.2. Peacekeeping, Conflict Prevention, & Combating Terrorism

1.2.3. Education For All

1.2.4. Global Infectious Disease

1.2.5. Digital Divide

1.2.6. Natural Disaster Prevention & Mitigation

1.3. Sharing Our Rule Book

1.3.1. Taxation for 21st Century

1.3.2. Biotechnology Rules

1.3.3. Global Financial Architecture

1.3.4. Illegal Drugs

1.3.5. Trade, Investment, & Competition Rules

1.3.6. Intellectual Property Rights

1.3.7. E-commerce Rules

1.3.8. International Labor & Migration Rules

2. Two Big Forces

2.1. Demographic Explosion

2.1.1. Unprecedented Stresses Such As Urbanization Food Energy Infectious Disease Loss of Forests Fisheries Depletion Biodiversity Losses Maritime Pollution Water Scarcity Aging Population Migration Poverty

2.2. New World Economy

2.2.1. Produces Unprecedented Stresses Adapting to new rules of the game Growing disparities Turbulence and fragility Excessive trust in the market and resulting complacency Unprecedented Opportunities New products and markets Demise of inflation Business cycle Higher productivity growth Catch-up opportunities

2.2.2. Driven By Technological Revolution Economic Revolution

2.2.3. Characterized by Faster, leaner production Alliances galore, & long chains More services, & more supplied over long distances Reshaping established businesses from the ground up New product and service ideas