book 9

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book 9 by Mind Map: book 9

1. Monsters!

1.1. Lotus eaters

1.1.1. Are addicted to the lotus fruits Entice people into their lair and keep them there by feeding them lotus flowers

1.2. Polyphemus

1.2.1. Cyclops

2. The role of the gods

2.1. Poseidon

2.1.1. father of polyphemus

2.1.2. Constantly trying to hunt down Odysseus to avenge his blinded son

2.2. Zeus

2.2.1. King of the gods

2.3. Athene/Athena

3. women

3.1. Nausicaa

3.1.1. Daughter of Alcinous and lives in Scherie

3.2. Penelope

3.2.1. Odysseus' wife

3.3. Calypso

3.3.1. A nymph who loved Odysseus

4. Odysseus as a character

4.1. Odysseus as coward

4.1.1. He lets his men die He gives up in despair on Calypso's island Taunts Polyphemus when the crew try to escape his island

4.2. Odysseus as hero

4.2.1. He uses cunning to defeat Polyphemus

4.2.2. He rescues his men time and again

5. Odysseus at Home

5.1. Suitors

5.1.1. Men that try to win Odysseus' wife Penelope while he is away, but on his return, most are killed

5.2. Telemachus, his son who goes to great lengths to ensure his father's safe return home