The Software Roundtable

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The Software Roundtable by Mind Map: The Software Roundtable

1. Timeline

1.1. Month 1 - October 1st To 31st - Extracting Ideas

1.1.1. Idea Extraction Pulling Ideas From A Target Market

1.1.2. Idea Validation Proving the Idea Needs To Be Solved Across 5 To 10 People

1.2. Month 2 November 1st to 31st - Picking Most Profitable Idea

1.2.1. Idea Selection AKA - Which Problem Are We Solving? Picking The Most Profitable Idea

1.2.2. Understanding The Problem

1.2.3. Continue Reaching Out To New Customers

1.2.4. Designing Interface V1

1.3. Month 3 December 1st to 31st - Designing & Development

1.3.1. Developing The Software Creating The Product Use Story (optional) Getting minimum viable product feature list Designing V0.1 of Interface balsalmiq mockingbird Hiring Developer Get copy for them to copy paste Hiring Designer Get copy for them to copy paste

1.3.2. New node

1.3.3. Marketing Build Customer List Driving Traffic Landing Page Blog Posts Continue Calls & Idea Validation

1.4. Month 4 - January

1.4.1. Continue Marketing & Development

1.5. Month 5 - February

1.5.1. Continue Marketing & Development

1.6. Month 6 - March

1.6.1. Launch With 10 Users

2. The Roundtable

2.1. Private Chat Room For Members

2.2. Daily Q&A Calls With Dane For 1 Hour

2.3. Recordings Of Calls

2.4. Working On Concept For Private 1on1 Call In Sessions

2.5. Shared Dropbox With All PDF Guides & Call In Sessions

3. The Step-By-Step

3.1. Extracting Idea

3.2. Validating Idea Is Needed Among 5 to 10

3.3. Selecting Most Profitable Idea From Validated Ideas

3.4. Creating The Product Use Story To Understand The Problem

3.5. Designing V0.1 Of Interface

3.6. HTML CSS of The Design

3.7. Begin Development

3.8. Create Landing Page

3.8.1. Driving Traffic Sending 1 Time Emails With ToutApp Making Phone Calls Writing Blog Posts Keyword Research Less Than 50,000 Competing Pages Building Partnerships Related Bloggers Related Businesses Sending Email Blasts Fax Broadcasts

3.9. Launch Product