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The Software Roundtable by Mind Map: The Software Roundtable
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The Software Roundtable


Month 1 - October 1st To 31st - Extracting Ideas

Month 2 November 1st to 31st - Picking Most Profitable Idea

Month 3 December 1st to 31st - Designing & Development

Month 4 - January

Month 5 - February

Month 6 - March

The Roundtable

Private Chat Room For Members

Daily Q&A Calls With Dane For 1 Hour

Recordings Of Calls

Working On Concept For Private 1on1 Call In Sessions

Shared Dropbox With All PDF Guides & Call In Sessions

The Step-By-Step

Extracting Idea

Validating Idea Is Needed Among 5 to 10

Selecting Most Profitable Idea From Validated Ideas

Creating The Product Use Story To Understand The Problem

Designing V0.1 Of Interface

HTML CSS of The Design

Begin Development

Create Landing Page

Launch Product