GLOBE Might Believe

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GLOBE Might Believe by Mind Map: GLOBE Might Believe

1. Text

1.1. Text Form

1.1.1. Radio Broadcast Letter? Essay? Article?

1.2. Text Type

1.2.1. Personal Exposition

2. Possible Essay Topics

2.1. Brainstormed Ideas>>

2.1.1. In the face of a life-changing event Terminal Sickness Accident That Affected The Person Mentally Physically Emotionally

2.1.2. Animal Cruelty

2.1.3. Resilience

2.1.4. Childhood Memories Affect View Of Life

2.1.5. Discrimination Religious? Merchant of Venice? (or something similar?) Because of personal dislike? Merchant of Venice? (or something similar?) Some other reason? Racial? Ancestral Influence?

2.1.6. Near Death Experiences? Car Accident Fire

2.1.7. Anything that is Inspiring and New

3. Beliefs?

3.1. Personal?

3.1.1. Religion?

3.1.2. Racial?

3.2. Others?

3.2.1. Surroundings?

3.2.2. Family & Friends?

3.3. Reasons for such a belief?

3.3.1. Childhood experience?

3.3.2. Life-Changing experience?