E-learning Classroom of the Future :)

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E-learning Classroom of the Future :) by Mind Map: E-learning Classroom of the Future :)

1. There will be no corners, its be all like round and cool looking

2. textbooks

2.1. Students will have ipads or something like it to have all their textbooks and stuff on.

3. itll be colorful and everyone would sit on beanbag chairs.

4. In every corner of every classroom there will be a spot where students can go and build random futuristic stuff like robots to replace their friends and such hahaha.

5. In all the hallways there will be convayer belts so you dont have to walk anywhere

6. The school buses will be rocket powered

7. There will be smaller class sizes

8. there would be a giant aquarium with a whole bunch of fish with computers in it so you can learn all about the fishies

9. Teachers

9.1. They will be robots

9.2. or you could learn online

10. The desks

10.1. theyll have computers built into the top but you can close then and they all like fold up to look like a normal desk and you can write on them

11. theyll have holograms so then they can like be taught from another person in a whole different part of the world.

12. There will be less people in each class because you can just make more robots to teach the kids and itll be better for the students.

13. All the walls will be made out of glass but itll be like super thick so like a crazy person cant break in.

13.1. There will be tvs/computers in the walls in some spots but when they arent on then it looks like a nomarl window

14. Every class will have a smartboard type thing but better. itll be all cool and touchscreen like and just better than the smartboard, like it wont be like a projector type thing, itll literally be a screen.

15. Each student would have a student in another country that they would communicate with on a weekly basis to learn about their life and culture

16. Each classroom has their own bathroom