LVH Team Roles & Responsibilities

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LVH Team Roles & Responsibilities by Mind Map: LVH Team Roles & Responsibilities

1. Social Media / Flyers

1.1. Pre-Meeting

1.1.1. Meeting invite (theme specific)

1.1.2. FP Flyer Can be a video from FP giver

1.2. Post-Meeting

1.2.1. Immediate PM of recognition pics

1.2.2. Highlights of the meeting

1.2.3. Flyers of FP in previous week

1.3. General

1.3.1. Social media posts Why BNI Why network?

1.3.2. Special Events post 1-2-1 conclave BizFest Social Highlights (All Kinds)

1.3.3. Chapter regional recognition posts

1.3.4. Member recognition posts BNI Success story Great achievement


2.1. Common

2.1.1. Reach venue by 7:00 AM

2.1.2. No Absent + No Dues + Proper Culture

2.1.3. No visitor should be alone at any point of time during open networking

2.1.4. Make sure everyone is in their seat before the countdown ends

2.1.5. Seating Arrangement + Name Plate placement

2.1.6. AV Check

2.1.7. Standees & Other branding material placement

2.2. GOFI

2.2.1. Welcome the visitor @ front desk

2.2.2. Accompany visitor to the meeting room and introduce him/her to the LT

2.2.3. Tell him that he will get 15 secs to tell his name, category & who invited him

2.2.4. Hand him over to GOBI

2.3. GOBI

2.3.1. Be aware about every member's business category

2.3.2. Introduce visitor to suitable referral partners

2.4. GOLI

2.4.1. Be present during the visitor orientation

2.4.2. Accompany visitor for food

2.4.3. Take feedback from the visitor about the meeting

2.4.4. Make sure he met all suitable referral partners

2.4.5. Bid him goodbye

3. Culture

3.1. WhatsApp

3.1.1. No Time limit to post in any group

3.1.2. Main Group Testimonial Thank you notes 1-2-1 Chapter Activity

3.1.3. Social Group Promotional Post - Single Post only Festive Posts ASK Birthday notification

3.2. Meeting

3.2.1. Proper Dress Code

3.2.2. Coming on time

3.2.3. Decorum during the meeting No public interruption No group leaving during the meeting

3.2.4. 'I HAVE' part Testimonial Max 1 allowed Frame compulsory & make sure punched in BNI connect No success story in 'I HAVE' part

3.2.5. Weekly presentation Make sure no cross-category violations

3.2.6. 2 warnings, WP skip after 3rd violation Can be tracked through card system like football Warnings void if next violation doesn't happen in the same month

4. Go Green

4.1. Evaluation

4.1.1. Make sure data is collected soon and numbers are evaluated & sent maximum by friday

4.2. Analysis

4.2.1. Track how can the member become green

4.2.2. Work with growth, referral value, 1-2-1 and training coordinators to bring member into green Make a list of members for all departments on which they can work

4.2.3. Follow up with all departments on member list shared and track improvements in green scores of those particular members

5. FP & Stall

5.1. Pre Meeting Day

5.1.1. No FP announcement without receiving PPT

5.1.2. Share guidelines on how to prepare FP 2 testimonials only with frame Total time includes testimonials time

5.1.3. Mock FP on Monday

5.1.4. Guide FP giver on how to setup his/her flea market stall

5.2. Meeting Day

5.2.1. Assist FP giver in setting up of stall

5.2.2. Make sure Testimonial giver has a frame

5.2.3. Inform LVH team to place Mic near testimonial giver seat when FP starts