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RAWAD: TPACK Project by Mind Map: RAWAD: TPACK Project

1. 3 - Technology

1.1. Mind map

1.1.1. A mind map will be displayed through www.mindmeister.com

1.2. Students will be introduced to the Highlight and Comment options in Word

1.3. Students will asked to make a small mind map design on the EASE strategy

1.4. An edublog site will be provided for parents, where they can comment and suggest new ideas for the lesson.

1.5. I will embed an example what student should be doing in a word document as well as the concept map of the strategy

2. 4 - Pedagogy

2.1. Teacher will show students a free min map to explain the different steps of the strategy

2.1.1. Word problem ( EASE ) E = Exploration Highlighting the given Numbers Highlight the Mathematical Words ( sum, difference , Twice, Triple....) Highlight the main question in the problem with a different color A = Analyze Insert comments on each highlight for further explanation Where can each of the highlighted can be used to solve the problem Writting a plan next to the question on how to attempt to solve the problem S = Solve Start by solving what need to be calculated before the final answer (multi-step problems) Solve the final answers E = Evaluate Check for the validity of the final answer Check if the final answer is near your expected answer

2.2. Students will research on how to insert comments in Microsoft Word

2.3. After Highlighting and commenting, students will have to use Mindmeister to draw a map about each step in EASE strategy

3. 1 - Content

3.1. We look at the structure of a Problem Solving Method technique from the viewpoint of how it can help students analyze and understand word problems and be able to solve

3.2. We will learn how by solving a word problem in an animated and colorful method and check if it is better then a hard copy written document

3.3. The lesson gives very concrete methods to use to create an effective learning experience for the audience.

4. 5 - Interrelatedness

4.1. By using word, and mindmeister, students will be able to solve all types of word problem through a systematic way

4.2. The pedagogy

4.2.1. Students research how to use highlighting and inserting the comments will help them in exploring more powerful options in Word

4.2.2. Students wil have to create an account on mindmeister, and draw a map for their problem, and submit it as part of assessment

4.3. After mastering the the use of EASE, students will be able to solve word problems mentally and in an easier way in later stages in their school years

5. 2 - Context

5.1. The project was designed to teach the problem solving method needed to analyze and solve several types of word problems: one step, two step, and multi step structure.

5.1.1. The method will be called the EASE strategy and will help students will be able to solve their problem in a structured way in terms of content and that will put the project into a meaningful context.

5.2. It is designed for middle as well as high-school Math students at any level of experience. I know for sure that my students have either a computer or a laptop at home.

5.3. Students will research how to Highlight in Microsoft Word

5.4. The lesson will also give teachers and students the ability to explore advanced options in word, and how to visually structure and present data.

5.5. The parents can also have a look at the mind map created for the strategy, where they will be able to help their kids through it.

5.6. Parents have the right to comment on my edublog site, for feedback on the lesson.