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Who am I by Mind Map: Who am I

1. intrapersonal

1.1. don't like to take decisions

1.2. not sure what I wanna do with my life

1.3. like spending time by myself

1.4. hate showing my emotions

1.5. tend not to speak when something is wrong

2. linguistic

2.1. love reading romantic novels

2.2. can speak english, spanish, a little of german and portuguese

2.3. love reading poetry

2.4. would like to write my own poetry someday

2.5. prefer to read the book rather than watching the movie or the tv show

3. artistic

3.1. love to paint

3.1.1. currently on a art project (album covers)

3.2. not enough creativity to paint my own things

3.3. love mandalas or coloring books

3.4. hate cleaning the mess it leaves

4. musical

4.1. used to sing when I was little

4.2. if not reading, painting, or sleeping im for sure listening to music

4.3. always got a new song for the day

4.4. always with my airpods or headphones in my pocket

4.5. every activity I do I listen to music for example, homework, in the shower, cooking, etc.

5. sports

5.1. used to dance

5.1.1. but quit to play soccer

5.2. used to play soccer

5.2.1. but quit because of a back problem currently trying to play again

5.3. used to play tenis

5.3.1. but quit because I had trouble finding motivation currently trying to play again

5.4. used to be a gymnastics

5.4.1. but quit to play soccer

5.5. used to be part of the track team

5.5.1. but quit cause there was no team at the time, and didnt have enough motivation to continue

6. food

6.1. do not eat red meat

6.2. basically lived all my life based on pasta and grilled cheese sandwiches

6.3. hate cooking

6.3.1. actually grossed out by it

6.4. love to eat pasta and only food I can cook

6.5. sometimes I have a big appetite and sometimes I dont have an appetite at all

7. organization

7.1. hate having something out of place

7.2. actually so obssed with school work being perfect I get stressed if its not perfect

7.3. so obssesed with order somethime

8. movies and tv shows

8.1. have a really short atention spam

8.2. get rellay distracted with my phone

8.3. tend to watch the same comfort movies or shows

8.4. scared to watch new things

8.4.1. due to the anxiety it may provoke

8.5. dont have a favorite movie or tv show

8.5.1. to hard to pick