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SDR Bootcamp by Mind Map: SDR Bootcamp

1. OKRs

1.1. Objective: Pilot Bootcamp to attract SDRs and fill in roles

1.1.1. Key Result #1: Attract at least 20 students

1.1.2. Key Result #2: At least 50% of students graduate from the Bootcamp

1.1.3. Key Result #3: At least 50% of graduates qualify to be placed on a campaign

1.1.4. Key Result #4: Place 100% of students into an SDR role

2. Timelines

2.1. Marketing Campaign Development: Sept 23rd

2.2. Bootcamp Development:

2.3. Bootcamp Promotion Kickoff:

2.4. Bootcamp Promotion End Date:

2.5. Bootcamp Kickoff Date:

2.6. Bootcamp End Date:

3. Deliverables

3.1. Marketing Campaign

3.1.1. Marketing Funnel Opt-in Landing Page Opt-in Thank you page Welcome Email Facebook Group Welcome Video Refer A Friend Incentive

3.1.2. Traffic Organic Referrals Incentive LinkedIn Outbound Old SDR Candidates Pool

3.2. Bootcamp

3.2.1. Curriculum Design

3.2.2. Content Development Videos Workbooks Comms Assessment/Quiz

3.2.3. Roleplay Sessions

3.3. Certification

3.3.1. Caliper Test Sample

3.3.2. Communications Skills

3.3.3. Roleplays

3.3.4. Deep Dive Interview