Cottages Co. Flow Chart

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Cottages Co. Flow Chart by Mind Map: Cottages Co. Flow Chart

1. Mint Financial

1.1. Financial

2. Stessa

2.1. Financial

3. Facebook - Marketing

4. Instagram Marketing


5.1. Booking Platform

6. Turnoverbnb

6.1. Cleaning Services

6.1.1. We can Schedule cleaning for the property

7. Pricelabs

7.1. Portfolio Pricing

7.1.1. Check Market Price

7.1.2. Check Competitor Price

7.1.3. Check Average Price

7.1.4. Check Occupancy Rate

8. Guesty

8.1. Manages Airbnb, VRBO (Airbnb, VRBO,, HomeAway, TripAdvisor, Agoda and many more)

8.1.1. They book through the website for the dates that they prefer

8.1.2. Information on booking will be collected and stored on Guesty Creating a Listing Sign in to your Guesty account. In the top-right corner of the blue banner, click the plus icon. Click New listing. Complete all relevant information. Please note that the listing's title will be limited to 50 characters. Click Save.

8.1.3. Guesty has integrated with Stripe, a seamless payment processing system, for easy and reliable collection of accommodation charges, along with all reservation related fees. All charges are accumulated under the guest’s reservation and can be securely debited upon check-out or at any time, according to your company’s policies.

8.1.4. The policy for canceled bookings depends on two factors: the respective cancellation policy of the channel it was reserved through, and whether the guest or host canceled the reservation.

8.2. Guesty is for short-term property managers in the urban and vacation rental sectors seeking to centralize and optimize their management of multiple listings, leaving more time than ever for growth.

9. Airbnb

9.1. Booking Platform

9.1.1. Standards:

9.1.2. How to make an airbnb listing LIKE A PRO (step-by-step tutorial)

10. So Tell Us

10.1. Client Feedback

11. VRBO

11.1. Booking Platform