LDES 501 | Fall 2022: Session 4 (Salvo & Tingjie)

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LDES 501 | Fall 2022: Session 4 (Salvo & Tingjie) by Mind Map: LDES 501 | Fall 2022: Session 4 (Salvo & Tingjie)

1. Sustaining Interest

2. Designing for Instruction

2.1. Implementation

2.1.1. **Before** Teaching (Preparation) Engagement vs Learning (Nikisha) What's the core of the material *before*? (Tingjie) How do you identify an essential question? (Salvo)

2.1.2. **During** Teaching How to work with SMEs? (Paul)

2.1.3. **After** Teaching What's the core of the material *after*? (Tingjie)

2.2. Comparison

2.2.1. Models: Practical vs Analytical In order to compare the instruction models...should I construct a Table 2 (pg 70) breakdown...and then compare? (Haya)

2.2.2. Technology vs Human role "Have ID models progressed over the past three decades so that the framework needs an update?" (Paul)

2.2.3. Heuristics "What is considered "heuristic" in the eyes of teachers? Thinking is intangible and nebulous, and how do we define whether a student's thought has been enhanced or not?" (Tingjie)

3. Knowledge vs Understanding

3.1. Evaluation

3.1.1. For tests focused solely on assessing understanding, shouldn’t it not matter what type of test it is? Because if a student demonstrates understanding (as defined by the book), they should ideally be able to perform well in every form of testing. (Pulkit)

3.1.2. "The reality is that most work and tasks are results-oriented." Should we focus on results-oriented evaluations? (Tingjie)

3.1.3. How to grade/ungrade? (Won)

3.2. "In today's world, with easy access to all types of information, if it is possible to have understanding without having knowledge?" (Daniel)

4. Teacher/Student Relationship

4.1. Is the student a "client"? (Won)

4.2. What is the incentive of under-resourced teachers? (Fikayo)

4.3. Diagnosing vs Designing

4.3.1. Should the learning design process detailed in Understanding by Design be implemented by experts and then provided to teachers, rather than asking teachers to implement it themselves? (Eric)

5. Cognitive Load

5.1. How to better explain cognitive load and how to gauge it? Are there physical signs? (Ambika)

6. If the desired learning results are derived directly from state standards, does this increase the likelihood of "teaching to the test"? (Eric)