What is literacy? (example)

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What is literacy? (example) by Mind Map: What is literacy? (example)

1. a barrier

2. able to read and write in English

3. a gateway

4. understanding context

4.1. understanding the significance

4.2. bring in prior knowledge

5. emotional intelligence

6. unlimited access

7. gives you a body of tools to understand the people around you and interact better with them

8. reading the context

8.1. high context and low context cultures

9. the ability to think critically

10. a gatekeeper

11. the ability to make connects

11.1. write from a different viewpoint

11.1.1. empathy

12. understand deeper levels

13. the ability to construct meaning

14. being able to read and write

15. understanding

16. being able to comprehend what you are reading and be able to write and respond to it

17. have empathy about the people you are reading about

18. the ability to decode the world

18.1. culturally

18.2. visually

18.3. symbols

18.4. body language

19. information

19.1. be able to apply what you have decoded

20. the ability to understand the medium

21. disciplinary specific

22. the ability to effectively and efficiently interact and function in the culture you are in