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Blogging by Mind Map: Blogging

1. eSafety

1.1. Firstname only

1.2. nickname

1.3. alias

1.4. aka

1.5. pseudonym

1.5.1. Mark Twain

1.5.2. George Elliott

1.5.3. Lewis Carroll

1.5.4. George Orwell

1.5.5. Stan Lee

1.6. pen name

1.7. nom de plume

1.8. literary double

1.9. stage name

1.10. online persona

1.11. digital identity

2. Wide, possibly unknown audience

2.1. Use full sentences, proper punctuation and standard English

2.2. Only post your blog entry if you have checked it through yourself and edited it

2.3. Only post a comment once you have reread and edited it

2.4. When commenting include one positive point. Follow this with a question and/or an improvement.

2.4.1. eg I really enjoyed the plot twist at the end but I found some of the spelling mistakes distracting

3. Definition: A piece of writing or other work shared online for others to read and comment on.

3.1. Can include

3.1.1. Research

3.1.2. opinion

3.1.3. review

3.1.4. comparison

3.1.5. fiction

3.1.6. recipes

3.1.7. diary entries

3.2. Purpose may be to

3.2.1. inform

3.2.2. entertain

3.2.3. amuse

3.2.4. educate

3.2.5. engage

3.2.6. provoke

3.2.7. sell

3.2.8. communicate message