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Outputs from the Conferences 09\10 by Mind Map: Outputs from the Conferences 09\10
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Outputs from the Conferences 09\10

TTT for EB 2009|10 13-15 March, 2009


General Info


How people learn

Presentation Skills

Information receiving & Instruments

EB 0809 to EB 0910 transition 20-22 March, 2009


Transition Seminar 09- Faci & OC team


FAs Synergy

Work with returnee

WinCo'09 23-25 January


Allocation. CEED

OCP talks. Большая Стирка



AIESEC Brand Delivery

Условия Exchange

Распечатки. Домашние заготовки


Assessor Scoring Sheet in Russian

NEXT'09 22-24 May

Local Planning Conference - First one in term 2009-2010

SumUp'09 17-19 July

OCP Elections! Chair: Hanson, GHANA FACI: Till, UK Daria Vasyanina Lidia Zykova Evgeniya Berestneva Anastasia Komissarova Sandji Butaev Ekaterina Nepomniaschaya   OC: Sergey Yugai - OCP Dina Yakovleva Roman Gendelman Tatiana Vanicheva  



Morning News

Malaysia Truly Asia AIESEC promo интеллектуальное МС

Goals Refresh

Need Motivation?

Functional Areas


Personal Effectiveness


What Matters to Me What matters to you // me? - VFS

PFI'09, 4-6 September

PFI - Preparation for Integration Conference before recruitment Chair: Stepan Belyakov, MCVP Com 08/09; LCVP Com 07/08   FACI: Daria Vasyanina Lidia Zykova Evgeniya Berestneva Anastasia Komissarova Sandji Butaev Ekaterina Nepomniaschaya Delgira Monkhaeva Artem Bejmart   OC: Tatyana Vanicheva - OCP


AIESEC way review

What is AIESEC?   What we Envision?   Our Impact   The way we do it   Our Values  

Recruitment Flow

AIESEC brand delivery


Assesment theory

Finance policy in projects

ER principles

Finance Current State

LC membership review


EB Report

EB Feedback

Personal Brand

LC Culture


AIESECis'09, 9-11 October

  AIESEC is Conference for new members Chair: Nuno Monteiro, MCP Germany 08/09   FACI: Daria Vasyanina Nikita Zaritskij Lidia Zykova Oksana Dyba Evgeniya Berestneva Anastasia Komissarova Lubov' Shilova Sandji Butaev Mariya Churilina Ekaterina Nepomniaschaya Olga Kutsenko Delgira Monkhaeva Margarita Lysenkova Artem Bejmart Andrej Trifonov OC Team: Evgeniya Davydova - OCP Aleksandra Kapitonova - OC Delegates Vitya Korennoj - OC Logistics Nina Grinblat - OC Fun Misha Kapitonov - OC Fun Misha Kletskij - OC Technique  

Newees agenda

OCP agenda

Materials for FACI

By link - FACI booklet for tracking session preparation   In this section u will find outlines for sessions. Materials u can find in Newees agenda section

EB0910 to EB1011 Transition 9-11 April, 2010


LC Current State

LC Current State Focus Areas 09/10 overview - what did we do/what to do better Our LC in X ranking HR Resources Financial Report

AIESEC Globally+Russia

Overview of organization globally: AIESEC Way with evaluation: do we really correspond to AIESEC Way Analysis of Pillars: evaluation of basic processes by internal/external analysis Top X countries Generation 2010

LC Time-line

FA Sinergy

LC Structure

How to work with each other

Belbin Team Role Report

Role of EB