How did you attract/address you audience?

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How did you attract/address you audience? by Mind Map: How did you attract/address you audience?

1. Front Cover

1.1. Colour Scheme

1.1.1. Consistent with the codes and conventions of the genre, thereby attractive to the audience Colours (Red/Black) used throughout all aspects of the subculture of heavy metal

1.2. Typography

1.2.1. Consistent with existing themes and ideas, quite gothic in nature, this would attract the audience Bold and stark, symbolic of the genre Typefont is weathered and dystopic, again abiding to the subculture revolving around heavy metal

1.3. Mise-en-scene

1.3.1. Appropriate mise-en-scene Model holds a dark guitar Model wears black Model wears eyeliner, white facepaint Model harbours a menacing expression Complies with the singer's 'image' Complies with genre

1.4. Journalism

1.4.1. Appropriate lexis to the audience '"We poured what's left of our souls into this"' This example quote from my front cover relates to occult/satanic/dark themes central to heavy metal

2. Contents

2.1. Colour Scheme

2.1.1. As the front cover, the colours are dark and quite contrasting, and the background is black Consistent to the product The audience would be expecting similiar things to this

2.2. Typography

2.2.1. Bold typefont Consistent and conventional

2.3. Photography

2.3.1. Themes of photography relate to the genre of magazine Photography would be appreciated by the audience of this genre

2.4. Journalism

2.4.1. Themes of 'Regulars' Titles such as 'Fear and Fate', 'Gory Give-away', 'Roots of Ruin' etc are consistent to themes prevalent in metal, thereby attractive to the audience. Alliteration Easier to remember, especially since they would be within every issue of the magazine

3. DPS

3.1. Photography

3.1.1. Mise-en-scene appropriate to genre Models wear dark clothing or clothing with death imagery and gothic jewlery while holding items associated to the image, the genre or music. Such would be expected ny the audience

3.1.2. Serious expressions Consistent to the band's image and metal in general

3.2. Journalism

3.2.1. Inclusive pronouns such as 'us' and 'we' This shows the collective magazine's interest in metal, allowing the readers to relate

3.2.2. Pull quote contains taboo lexis 'Fucking' Magazines of this nature often contain taboo lexis, and are enjoyed by the audience.

3.2.3. Direct address of the reader ('Your') in the introductory DPS Creates a connection with the reader