Science Fiction

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Science Fiction by Mind Map: Science Fiction

1. Robopocalypse

1.1. Our technology will overpower us

1.2. In dark times we can come together

1.3. We won't be able to stop our own doom

1.4. We can reason with whatever we are fighting

2. The Road

2.1. We will destroy everything in some way shape or form

2.2. Let nothing get in your way of protecting the ones you love

3. The Call of Cthulu

3.1. We may delve into things that are too great for the human mind to comprehend

4. Wall-E

4.1. Our in-differences will destroy us

4.2. We can still enjoy the simpler things

4.3. Our lifestyles may become too complicated due to technological advances

4.4. Humans can still inhabit the Earth

5. Blade Runner

5.1. Our manufactured reproductions of ourselves may become more human than we are

5.2. We can be with who we want to be, regardless of being human or an android

5.3. The life we live is one of fear and poverty

5.4. You don't have to be a human to fulfill what it means to be a human

6. Gattaca

6.1. We can only depend on the strongest

6.2. You can achieve what you want no matter what

6.3. The successful depend on who is chosen

7. Inception

7.1. We see what we want but may never be able to reach it

7.2. We'll do whatever it takes to reach our goal

7.3. The inability to let go of something or someone

7.4. We can eventually find a way to cope with differences